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Chiropractic and Autism

Chiropractic and Autism

Chiropractic care is an extremely effective treatment option for the Autistic community in and of itself. And when combined with Biomedical approaches, it becomes extremely effective in the recovery process of the Autistic community.

This group is a place to get questions answered, receive support for beginning treatment or if you are thinking of beginning treatment, and as well you can learn about local 'meet-ups' in your area.

You will also be able to find qualified Doctors of Chiropractic in your geographical area within this group.

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Welcome to the wonderful connection of Chiropractic and Autism...

Many people in search of help with a neurodevelopmental disorder find themselves here in this group. In order to get the help you need and deserve, it’s important to understand the processes and procedures involved in seeking treatment.

Phase I: Structural Spinal Neurological Evaluation

This is the starting point for all of our Autistic patients. Why?