Create a Culture of Care – FOR YOU!!

Stress is one thing. Caretaker stress is a completely different world!

 We hear all of the time that we need to take care of ourselves first but how does one do that when you don’t have TIME, MONEY, OPPORTUNITY, ACCESS?  The reality of a special needs caretaker is that you are living in scarcity mode.  And scarcity mode = stress.  But you knew that already, right?  Well, come learn from Amy and Karen HOW to reduce your stress and rebuild your spirit without spending a dime or going to a spa or moving to Mexico to live all by yourself. All of the techniques presented in this course are things you can do at home, in the moment. 

Participants will learn from Amy Yardley, specific physical exercises and techniques that work to move the brain out of sympathetic into parasympathetic, techniques on dealing with decision fatigue, strategies to move your mindset into higher vibrational frequencies as well as specific activities that you can do to “rehab you brain” and get your memory and executive functioning back!

Karen Kain will address SPIRIT in her presentation on Thursday at 1:30pm! 

Participants will leave this session with a revised understanding of what Self-Care is and they will have specific tools and strategies to start using now.  







Amy Yardley


Amy Yardley, Co-Owner of Navigate Your Healing, LLC


Amy Yardley is the mother to Spencer, a 15 year old diagnosed with Autism.  For over a decade she has been learning and using different healing and treatment modalities in an effort to bring her son a higher expression of life. 

She has helped hundreds of parents through similar challenges and struggles and she has an innate ability to teach and share her expertise in both new and traditional therapeutic modalities.  Amy’s quest to understanding her son’s core issues has been one filled with tears of sorrow and tears of joy.  Through this, she has created her own community of support and learning – not just for her child but for herself.  Amy’s passion is helping people understand the importance of a balanced body and a balanced life and bringing them ideas on how to make that happen.  Amy has guest blogged for The Thinking Mom’s Revolution (under the name Raven) and Fearless Parent and she has authored a chapter in TMR’s soon to be released book on Autism and Puberty.

In 2017, she and Dr. Amy Spoelstra launched as a way to bring their collective knowledge and expertise to those around the world seeking healing for their children and themselves.  Amy lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.