Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks at Country’s First Cutting-Edge CME Program for Autism, in Colorado. 

Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to participate in the AutismOne 2017 Continuing Medical Education Program, a joint initiative of AutismOne, the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and the American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy.

This one-of-a-kind educational program aims to educate MDs and other healthcare professionals in state-of-the-art approaches to integrative pediatrics and current science as it applies to autism spectrum disorders. This includes a review of evidence-based approaches and examination of cutting-edge and innovative therapies currently being researched. This educational offering will create and enhance a knowledge base in the area of integrative pediatrics for the healthcare professional. The knowledge gained will increase the practitioner's ability to understand current complementary therapies the patient is using as well as to augment the practitioner’s ability to advise or implement integrative approaches that will benefit patients. The innovative program design offers multiple learning formats, including lectures, Q&A sessions, panels, and “Think Tank” sessions. The design of the conference is highly interactive to allow for scientific discussion and debate so that alternative points of view may be considered. 

Please join us for this outstanding CME event!


Shawn Centers, DO, FACOP
Medical Program Director 
AutismOne 2017 Continuing Medical Education Program

Program Goals

At the conclusion of this activity, knowledge gained should better enable participants to:

  • Discuss the latest research in the integrative treatment of autism and autism spectrum disorders
  •  Review current integrative approaches with families seeking care for autism

Target Audience

Pediatricians, Primary Care Physicians, Pediatric Neurologists and other members of the healthcare team working in the field of autism and autism spectrum disorders will benefit from this Continuing Medical Education Activity.


CME Credit information


• Disease etiology from pathogens and toxins

• Dysfunction relating to vagal nerve and retained primitive reflexes

• Immune insults/immune dysregulation affecting the brain

• Environmental insults and Detoxification

• Methylation models and metabolic impairment remediation

• Neurological issues, mitochondrial dysfunction, cerebral folate deficiency

• Nutritional remediation where complex conditions exist

• Gastrointestinal pathology

• Gut dysbiosis

• Endocannabinoid system

• Body work and Motor issues


Full Program Agenda



Contribution of Toxins to Human Retroviral Disease

Overview of Motor Dysfunction, Vagal Nerve, Retained Primitive Reflexes

Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak

Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) and Autism

Gut and Environmental Triggers Synergize to Stimulate Mast Cells and Microglia

Environmental Factors in the Rise of Autism and the Goal of Prevention


Integrative Model for Pediatric Intervention

Beyond the Folate Cycle in Analyzing and Treating Autism

Manual Therapy

Mitochondrial and metabolic abnormalities associated with autism

Integrating Neurological, Biomedical, and Behavioral Therapies to Accelerate Brain Development

Mitochondrial Disorder and Epilepsy: Clinical Pearls for Nutrition Intervention and Support

Issues Affecting Gastrointestinal Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder

From a researcher perspective: Issues affecting GI function in autism

Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Treating Gastrointestinal Problems in Children with ASD

Gut treatments related to biofilms, probiotics and enzymes

Healing is in the genes: epigenetics and methylation


Integrating the DNA Symphony of Life with a Resultant Personalized Autism Diet &/or Supplement

Personalized Medicine, Epigenetics, Methylation

Infection-Triggered Immune Dysregulation

What's New in PANDAS/PANS 2017

On the role of the brain microbiota and lymphatic system in autism

Gut and Environmental Triggers Stimulate Microglia Through Sortilin and mTOR

Update on Pioglitazone Immunotherapy for Autism

Immunological considerations in the prevention and Treatment of ASD

Immunological considerations in the prevention and Treatment of ASD

Neurological, metabolic, and mitochondrial issues in brain development


Mitochondrial Disease: Overview and Association to Autism

Body Work and Motor Movements

Necessity of Body Work

If These Were Pills, Everybody Would Be Taking Them

A Complementary Approach of Using an Energy Device in Clinical Assessments

CME Think Tank discussion

Autism and Stem Cells: Enhancing Prognosis, Efficacy, and Recovery with Natural Medicine

Glyphosate's Role in the Autism Epidemic

Natural and synthetic neurotoxins our environment

Personalized, epigenetic damage from injected aluminum

EMFs and Chemicals as the Two Main Drivers of the Autism Epidemic: Mechanisms of Action

Metal toxicity and Its Impact on Cardiovascular Disease

Herbal Approach for Detoxification

Use of toxin binders and cholegogues in detoxification protocols


Mechanisms of Action of Homeopathy

Microglial activation as a promising therapeutic target in Autism

Neural Autoantibodies in Autism: Directions toward Prevention

The Science Behind Sulforaphane

Endocannabinoid medicine

Treating Autism With Non-Systemic Direct Effects Cannabidiol, CBD

Endocannabinoid medicine from clinician perspective

Neuromodulation and Role of Endocannabinoid System in Treating Autism

Endocannabinoid medicine from researcher perspective: Development of therapeutics



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