Educational Therapies: How Chiropractors Can Be the Most Up to Date on Best Treatment Practices (Chiropractic Continuing Ed Track registrants only)

With hundreds of treatments out there and Autism being a spectrum of disorders, wading through all the acronyms can seem like an impossible task. Parents spend thousands of dollars every year on therapy programs to find that it didn’t help their child. Many times it is not the wrong therapy, just the wrong timing. This course will provide a survey of the top 5 best therapies that every chiropractor should be recommending to their patients and things to look for to know when to recommend each therapy.  

JoQueta Handy, CCC-SLP, PhD, IMD

JoQueta Handy, CCC-SLP, PhD, IMD is both an Integrative Medicine Doctor and a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist who takes a holistic approach to learning — considering the whole child.

Dr. Handy has dedicated her career to helping children with autism overcome learning challenges. She has created an educational model that improves the quality of life for every child and gives parents hope that their child can achieve his full potential. Her extensive toolbox includes optimizing diet and balancing brain chemistry as well as innovative educational strategies designed to maximize each child’s academic potential.

Children have shown a 70% improvement after sixteen hours of one-on-one instruction using JoQueta's educational model.