How to Make a Plan: A Practical Approach for the Biomedical Treatment of Autism by Kyle Van Dyke, MD

On January 16, 2011, 8:27 pm

Dr. Van Dyke discusses the practical Applications of biomedical interventions. As the father to a son with Autism, Dr. Van Dykesmade great headway with his son and wants to help parents achieve the same thing. Understand the groundwork for initial biomedical interventions as Dr. Van Dyke touches base on such issues as GI inflammation and toxcicity.

Kyle Van Dyke, MD is board certified in family medicine. He studied engineering physics as an undergraduate before attending medical school at the University of Chicago. He became involved in autism after the diagnosis of his son, Ryan. He worked with Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, the medical director of Defeat Autism Now!, for three years before starting his own practice at the Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

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