How to Supplement Their Minds without Losing Yours by Mika Bradford

On December 19, 2009, 2:26 am

Do you feel frustrated when trying to introduce supplements into your child's diet? Tired of endless crying and "wearing" the supplements that were meant for your child's stomach but somehow end up as unique accents on your clothing? There is hope! Learn how to lose the sippy cup concoction that takes 1/2 a day for your child to drink. Join Mika as she provides information on "How to Supplement Their Minds Without Losing Yours!" Learn what nutritional supplements can be mixed with as well as ways to successfully incorporate them into your daily lives. As a parent who has implemented special diets and nutritional supplementation plans for over a decade, Mika will share with you tips to avoid the proverbial pit falls when starting a special diet and supplement plan. Mika has supported parents and professionals from across the world with tools and techniques to make supplementing nutrients simple. Have you been doing this a while and now find your child is rejecting products that once were taken with ease? You too can walk away with a plan to get your child back on track to a healthy life.

Mika's journey into the world of autism began over a decade ago with the diagnosis of her youngest son. Mika is a certified nutritionist, outside sales associate, and customer service representative for the Kirkman Group where she provides technical support on the form and functions of supplements to customers across the world. In 2007 she established Natural Foods and Nutrition Consulting (which provides individualized nutrition counseling services to families and wellness programs for private businesses). Since 1999, Mika has supported the autism community by actively working with non-profits, developing resources and supports for parents and professionals. She is the director of community outreach of Families for Effective Autism Treatment - North Texas and is a board member for Community Now, a non-profit dedicated to the quality of life and long-term care of individuals with special needs. She is a veteran at communicating such topics as nutrition, dietary and behavioral interventions and how they relate to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. In keeping with her mission to encourage and support the autism community, Mika joined AutismSpot (a video based website) in 2008 as a content specialist providing information on interventions ranging from biomedical, education, self help, assisted living and family focused supports.

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