The Impact of the Antibiotic Era on The Genetics of the Microbiome, Human Health and Disease (practitioner registrants only)

The dramatic changes that have occurred over the last 30 years in our food, farming, and medical industries have had a devastating impact on human health and disease. Unfortunately, the impact has been greatest in the children born into this era of cradle-to-grave antibiotics. Common chemicals in our food and water systems have exploited this vulnerability, resulting in direct damage to the tight junctions that compose the natural firewalls at the gut/blood and blood-brain barriers. The correlations between diet, gut bacteria, and autism have been long-recognized. In this lecture, Dr Bush introduces the breakthrough science of bacteria, their communication network, and the body's defense systems. This science offers new avenues to rebuild the foundations of human health, and empower the grassroots changes in legislation and big industry to forge a healthy future for generations to come. 


Zach Bush, MD


Zach Bush, MD, is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country - with expertise in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, and hospice/palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr. Bush and his colleagues have delivered offer profound new insights into human health and longevity. In 2012 he discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria. He and his team subsequently demonstrated that this cellular communication network functions to compensate for glyphosate, and many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body's natural defense systems. This science has resulted in a revolutionary class of dietary supplements.