Naturopathic Insights to Help Heal Autism and Immune Dysregulation

My goal of this presentation is to walk you through the hierarchy of how a parent/practitioner can start to treat and approach the most complicated situations.  It starts with foundational diet and nutrition, goes into drainage and detox, then works into immune modulation, methylation support, inflammation and approaching microbes. If your child or patient is a non-responder, then something is being missed. If we start looking at the process of healing like a blueprint of the foundation our body needs to recover, sometimes it can make the most complicated situations quite simple. (But NOT always!) I want to share with you what has worked for me and give you some new treatment ideas you or your doctor may not have considered. As a Naturopathic Physician who also has full prescriptive rights, blending the best of both worlds seems to get us closer to the solution.

Amy Derksen, ND


Amy Derksen, ND, is a Naturopathic Physician who graduated from Bastyr University with a full scope of practice in Washington State since 2003.  She did her undergraduate studies in biochemistry, which she applies to understanding the newest research on detox and genetic susceptibilities. She was fortunate enough to do her medical post-graduate training with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD during which she learned extensively how to use his system of autonomic response testing to help with tailoring a protocol to each individual.  She specializes in working with both Autism and chronically ill patients, including Lyme disease. Dr. Derksen has been involved in teaching various topics with Dr. Klinghardt since 2004, and has also been a speaker at AutismOne, LIA, Dr. Cowden’s Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, American Academy of Restorative Medicine and Hope to Heal Lyme conferences. She is one of the first Naturopathic Physicians to become a Fellow with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, working to broaden her skills for working with autism, and to connect with a network of several seasoned practitioners in the field.  Due to her years of experience and nomination from other MD’s, she was invited to become Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics from the American Association of Integrative Medicine, which was typically limited to DO’s and MD’s. She has also become a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to further her education on working with more sensitive and toxic patients and expand her knowledge on addressing inflammation and immune dysfunction.