Review of Studies on the Role of Microbes in Late Onset Autism

There is often immunologic susceptibility to autism, either genetic or related to environmental toxins. Two of the most important factors that lead to ingrowth or overgrowth of potential pathogens are diet and exposure to antimicrobial agents. This presentation will review a variety of organisms under consideration, found in stool and mucosal biopsies; and viral or bacterial infections during pregnancy. Improvement has been noted with various antimicrobial agents.

Sydney Finegold, MD

Dr. Sydney Finegold is a globally respected microbiologist with more than 50 years of research in intestinal microorganisms. He is Chief of the Anaerobic Bacteria Laboratory at UCLA. Dr. Finegold was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement award for his exhaustive work in the field of research at the Veterans Administration in West Los Angeles. He is currently looking at the role of bacteria in finding the cause of autism.