Sensorimotor, Communication, and Cognitive Therapies: how to ensure your child gets the most out of occupational, physical, speech-language, music, and behavior therapy

 How do you know if your child is getting the right type of occupational, physical, speech-language, music, or behavior therapy? How do you avoid lost time in therapies that won’t provide results for your child? We will provide guidance for parents struggling with this question and will also share our knowledge about how the landscape of therapy for autism is changing. Learn about new approaches that combine techniques and cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. At this presentation, Dr. Goh and members of the Cortica team will introduce new multi-modal techniques to simultaneously target sensorimotor, communication, and cognitive networks. This is the second lecture of a three-part program being presented by Dr. Goh and the Cortica team. Parents interested in the Cortica comprehensive treatment program will find it useful to attend all three sessions.

Michelle Hardy, MT-BC

 As a published author and leader in the field of music therapy, Michelle Hardy, MT-BC, has pioneered the development of the specialized field of Neurodevelopmental Music Therapy. At Cortica, Michelle supervises a skilled team of music therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language therapists, and she oversees the development of new cross-disciplinary techniques for sensorimotor and communication therapies for autism. Michelle received her bachelor's degree from Loyola University and her master's in Music Therapy from Colorado State University.

Phil Peters, BCBA

Phil Peters, MA, BCBA, is Director of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies at Cortica. He is a leading practitioner and innovator in the ABA field, with over a decade of experience as a therapist and supervisor. A background in Special Education and Developmental Psychology underpins his leadership of Cortica's team of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians. Phil earned his bachelor's degree from Arizona State University, a master's in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University, and his BCBA from Florida Institute of Technology. 

Melissa Knopp, BCBA

Melissa Knopp, M.S.Ed., BCBA, serves as Associate Director of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies at Cortica. She draws on her experience as a special education teacher in both private and inner-city public schools to aid in curriculum develpoment and education for students with autism. At Cortica, she is a senior BCBA supervisor and provides leadership in curriculum development and team training. Melissa graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Psychology from New York University and earned her master's degree in Special Education and her BCBA from Penn State.