Signaling from Body to Brain: Fostering communication between body and brain to improve neurodevelopmental disorders

In this lecture, Dr. Abbie Ballard will talk about how to reconnect “disconnected” kids. Dr. Ballard will
raise the question as to whether improper signaling caused by cumulative traumas and toxins during childhood contributed to neurodevelopmental disorders. Learn how disconnection develops and how to harness the power of neuroplasticity and balancing vagal tone to make your child’s therapies more effective. Dr. Ballard will touch upon dysautonomia, dysafferentation, dyskinesia, and more. Dr. Ballard will explain physiological events which contribute to the development of a “disconnected” body and brain. Hear how to restore and reconnect neurologically, improve physiological function, and facilitate healing, while not pushing too hard nor creating Herxheimer reactions. 
This lecture will be of particular interest to parents seeking drug-free approaches, and to those whose children have autism, ADHD/ADD, and epilepsy.  

Abbie Ballard , DC

Dr. Ballard is a family and wellness-based chiropractor with special interest in helping children with neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders. She became interested in working with children with special needs while on a mission trip during chiropractic school and delved deeper when her niece was diagnosed with Trisomy 21. She holds certification in pediatrics (ICPA), internal health, and acupuncture, and is currently working towards her certification in functional medicine, after which she will become a board certified clinical nutritionist as well. Dr. Ballard has a passion for looking at the individual as a whole and working toward optimizing proper function, supporting neuroplasticity, and maximizing health. She is devoted to her mission of growing a healthier community through education and outreach.