Stem cells and Complex Autism: Understanding Innate Immune Activation sequence, immune cycles, and exploring current research related to improvement of neuroregenerative outcomes (CME track/practitioner registrants only)

"Complex Autism"™ is a term coined by Dr. Jodie A. Dashore that encompasses not only the traditional neuropsychiatric challenges seen in autism, but also several major comorbid conditions like tick-borne infections, biotoxin illness, multiple chemical sensitivities, tissue damage, physiological dysregulation, autonomic dysfunction, innate immune upregulation, autoimmune encephalopathy, biochemical changes and endocrine disruption.

Learning Objectives:

 The attendee will learn about


Brain metabolism in autism


Stem cells and the internal repair system of the body.   The student will recognize:


Neurological structural volumetric changes seen in brain structures with exposure to   biological toxins


Factors leading to upregulation of the innate immune system cascade


Immune system cycles and correlation to stem cell therapy

 The role of  inflammatory cytokines, T reg response and neuropeptide hormones



Jodie A. Dashore, OTD MS OTR/L

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore is an internationally recognized  researcher, teacher, and pioneering clinician in the all-natural, plant-based, biological treatment of autism, Lyme disease, mold/biotoxin illness, PANS, nutrigenomics, and autoimmune Illness. She works with children and adults in over 27 countries around the world. Dr. Dashore trained in allopathic medicine (pediatric neurology), with advanced doctoral and post-doctoral studies in neurosensory OT and multiple naturopathic disciplines in Bombay, UK, USA, Switzerland, and Germany. She is board certified in integrative pediatrics, board certified as a holistic health practitioner, and is currently pursuing her PhD and board certifcation in integrative medicine. Dr. Dashore is a trained spiritual counselor, a trained Yogi, and is the founder and director of BioNexus Health Clinic in Marlboro, NJ, USA.