Strategies for Working Offensively at the State Level: Fundraising, Educating, and Drafting Protective Legislation

Liza Greve, who has been highly effective in her state, will give secrets and strategies on how to become a powerful political force at your state capitol: finding freedom fighters; effectively networking with them, raising money to fund their campaigns, and motivating them to author protective bills; and what to be aware of when the opposition attacks back.


Liza Greve

Liza Greve is the President of Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice Political Action Committee. The PAC was founded after a proposal was made by an Oklahoma state senator to take away the personal and religious exemptions that Oklahoma has held dear for decades. She leads legislative outreach in Oklahoma with the purpose of advocating for vaccine choice, informed consent and parental rights. The PAC she leads has successfully killed every intrusive vaccine bill and has the first ever Informed Consent bill for vaccines in the U.S. This bill narrowly passed going all the way to the Governor’s desk has paved the way for many states to follow.

Liza was thrust into vaccine research after her oldest child suffered vaccine injury and now works with many national vaccine choice organizations as a representative for Oklahoma. Liza left her career in psychology as a counselor to stay home with her children, who are all regulars at the state Capitol. She is married to Dr. Bob Greve for 15 years, and together they raise and homeschool their seven children.