Introducing Wyatt’s Way Home, and my Dreams…

I’d like to start by introducing everyone to Wyatt, my only child, and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I think it’s safe to say that most people over 50 can recall certain dreams from younger days that somehow escaped them. It may be a small dream or, as in my case, the biggest dream of all that over time falls victim to circumstance, and finally fades from hope altogether. When my first marriage ended with a whimper by mutual consent at age 45 with no children, I had already grown used to the idea that my earliest dreams of love and a family were just never meant to be. Alone for the next 5 years, I found myself with plenty of time to reflect, and began to get used to the idea that now not only children, but love itself would elude me forever. Then, out of the blue on my 50’th birthday, I got the present of a lifetime when I met my other half, Jodie. In spite of an age difference that neither of us had ever thought about before, we fell in love, and 2 years later my other dream of a lifetime came true with the birth of our son Wyatt.

It’s pretty safe to say that most first time parents claim that no child on the planet was ever more loved, but after waiting for so long, I think it gave me a bit more claim to that statement than usual. I was immediately lost in love, and in amazement at how beautiful, healthy, and happy he was from day one. Five years later I am still melting in love, and even more so due to the life changing journey that Wyatt has led me through. With this, my first post to Autism One, my aim is to provide a little of Wyatt’s story, and what Wyatt’s Way Home is all about.

On September 1 2005 Wyatt was born perfectly healthy, and developed normally, meeting all his milestones on time or early. With a healthy appetite, Wyatt grew quickly, and before we knew it he was crawling, pointing, saying his first words, and walking by 11 months. Wyatt slept well, and was so happy he rarely even cried. He very soon had nothing but smiles and hugs for Mommy and Daddy. Wyatt was a perfect little boy in every way, and melted us both in love. Imagine our shock when at about 16 months old he suddenly disappeared into Autism, literally overnight, after a trip to the doctor for shots. Though we were completely ignorant of any kind of controversy regarding vaccinations, we knew those shots had somehow made our beautiful, happy little boy, very sick. To say we were devastated is such a painful understatement.

Wyatt immediately lost all of his milestones except his ability to walk. He no longer said any of his words, and rarely even made any sounds at all. He no longer had any eye contact with us, and would spend hours stuck on repetitive motions if we let him. He began spinning in circles waving his hand in front of his eyes, and would get stuck on things like pushing a matchbox car back and forth two inches from his eyes. He would scream bloody murder when we tried to break him away from whatever he was stuck on. His appetite changed, and he became an extremely picky eater. He began to often throw up completely undigested food that was eaten hours earlier, yet still had teeth marks visible in it, and began to lose weight. He lost the ability to have a bowel movement on his own, and we had to start giving him warm water enemas every day to prevent severe constipation. Our formerly happy little guy suddenly became withdrawn to the point where we could shout his name over and over, and in spite of perfect hearing, he would never give us a glance. These are just a few of the things that were a total reversal of the way Wyatt was before. But the hardest thing of all was when we picked him up. His arms would just hang limply while he gazed away in the distance.

There were no more hugs and smiles for Mommy and Daddy.

Heartbroken, we frantically plunged into research looking for any safe ways to try and help Wyatt. We soon went from being totally ignorant about Autism, to learning that this new epidemic is primarily a set of symptoms related to toxins damaging the gut. Since the gut is tied directly to the developing brain of a child, all sorts of things start going wrong there. In addition, toxins and heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier further inhibit normal development. Within a few days of Wyatt’s sudden onset of Autism symptoms, we started him on a completely organic, Gluten and Casein free whole food diet, and began giving him pure organic nutritional supplements to help compensate for the sudden deterioration of his digestion. At about 2 years of age, what we already knew was Autism Spectrum Disorder was confirmed with the official diagnosis from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. With the official diagnosis in hand we were able to immediately add early intervention specialists to everything else we were doing. Some of them warned us that Wyatt may never talk, in spite of the fact that he had started talking before this happened to him.

Over the next couple of years, since American insurance companies refuse to recognize, or pay for, much of anything that is not drugs or surgery, we went through all our savings, (about $20,000), and had gained at least a small degree of success at reducing some of Wyatt’s symptoms. But we always knew that we were just putting band aids on, and not getting any real or permanent healing, so we continued to do research looking for a safe way for Wyatt to be rid of all the toxins and regain total health. We simply did not want to settle for any kind of partial fixes as being all that could be done, and wanted nothing less than a return to total health. Then, when Wyatt was about 3 ½ years old, our research led us to a practice that had helped not one or two, but over 70 children like Wyatt find their way back to total health with zero symptoms, and even no more need for special supplements or restrictive diets. We read case histories, and were beside ourselves! Here we had finally found a way that made sense, as well as one that met our criteria of being very safe and gentle, but we no longer had any money to get started on it! Over another year of agony and praying for a miracle went by, and then we finally got one. We received a grant that was to pay for all of Wyatt's monthly expenses to participate in this program for as long as necessary! We got started right away, in late March of 2010, when Wyatt was about 41/2 years old.

I must admit that at first I did have some doubt. I think I did not want to set myself up to be devastated further by this not doing what I wanted, which was to have my son totally healthy and normal again. Fortunately, my doubts were not only wrong, but my wife and I were both totally amazed at the gains Wyatt made inside of just 5 or 6 months. By the time Wyatt was back to preschool from summer vacation, his improvements were so great that some of his preschool teachers were amazed and told us that this is not the same child anymore! While we know that Wyatt has about another year or two before achieving complete healing of everything including his gut, we no longer have any doubt that he will get there. In the meantime, while Wyatt continues to detox and heal, we have our happy little guy back. The sick little boy who “might never talk” is now talking up a storm, and having the time of his life playing with his friends at school. He loves making new friends any chance he’s given, and once again is full of hugs and kisses for Mommy and Daddy. Thanks to God, and the truly unique system offered by the Homeopathy Center of Houston, Wyatt has found his way home!

During our years of intensive research we investigated most all of the vast and confusing array of treatment protocols out there. While we were happy to see that many do help ease the suffering of many children, we were also discouraged at not finding very many kids that had achieved total healing of everything including all the gut problems. That is until we discovered the Homeopathy Center of Houston, and their unique method they call The Houston Homeopathy Method™ of Integrated - Sequential Homeopathy. Helping the body to heal itself, including all the way down to the gut, by providing all the tools it needs to eliminate toxins while supporting the natural healing process, is what they excel at. Over the last 8 years, they have fine tuned a truly unique and comprehensive Homeopathy system that just plain works for anyone willing to stay with it long enough. Here is just one very clear example of how we know this is working for Wyatt: Ever since day one of Wyatt’s symptoms, constipation was a constant problem, and he required warm water enemas every day to prevent blockage. Lindyl Lanham, our practitioner at the Homeopathy Center of Houston, (a wonderful and magical woman blessed by God), told us that his constipation should stop after clearing the MMR vaccine. As of the middle of November of 2010, after only about 2 months of the protocol for clearing the MMR vaccine, Wyatt’s constipation has disappeared right on cue! There are no words for me to express how incredible it is that after years of daily warm water enemas, we no longer have to do that. Wyatt now goes on his own 2 or 3 times a day just like he should!

As of this writing in November of 2010, Wyatt is now just over 5 years old and has been on this method for about 7 months. His improvements across the board are just as dramatic and sudden as was his severe and sudden onset of symptoms. We, and many others close to Wyatt, know how hard and for how long we struggled to help Wyatt make small gains. For all of us to now see how he has literally blossomed, as dramatically as he disappeared nearly 4 years ago, leaves no room for doubt as to what is responsible. Every month a different piece of Wyatt’s health problems is addressed by the Homeopathy Center of Houston, and each month gains are witnessed just as they are anticipated. We are constantly amazed at how improvements happen almost like flipping a switch on.

Needless to say, Wyatt’s journey has been a completely life changing experience for both myself, and my wife Jodie. Without a doubt, I will spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to help stop this incredibly tragic, toxin induced epidemic, while also teaching others hope through Wyatt’s story of recovery. I recently built our website, Wyatt’s Way Home – The Road Map Through Autism, as a platform for doing what I can to help, and am currently writing a book of the same title in the hopes of reaching many people with the message of hope for total health. Those wishing to learn more of Wyatt’s story, and Wyatt’s Way Home, can visit our website at: and also watch for what I hope to be many more blog posts and articles here on Autism One. In addition to the Homeopathy Center of Houston, I especially want to thank Ed and Teri Arranga for inviting me to participate on Autism One. I recently had the privilege of being a guest on Teri’s weekly Autism One radio show, where I shared Wyatt’s story along with the co-founders of the Homeopathy Center of Houston, Cindy Griffin and Lindyl Lanham. (Click here to listen to show: ) It was my first real contact with Autism One. Having since become friends with Teri and Ed, as well as learning something of the depth and scope of their work on the Autism front lines, I have to say I am deeply honored to be associated with Autism One, and look forward to contributing to their efforts in every way I can.

The only bad news is that as of August 2010, thanks to the economy, the grant that was paying for all of Wyatt’s monthly expenses was cancelled. Also, thanks again to the economy, I am once again unemployed with little hope of ever again working as a Tool and Die Maker in sight. This has forced us to ask for donations in order to keep our son on track towards complete recovery. We are trying to raise $15,000 which will be enough to not only supply Wyatt’s needs to finish his healing, but also will help us to set up a non profit foundation. It is our dream for the future to be able to help as many other kids as possible find their way home to total health just like Wyatt is doing. To that end, our website is now able to process donations of any amount to our cause. Any amount of help will be greatly appreciated, and we hope to return much more in the way of helping to stop the suffering of our precious children!

Best wishes to all,

Wyatt’s Dad, Dave Snyder