Should a child with a documented ASD in his IEP be punished for being unfocused?

I am starting to lose my Zen...

It is now the second time that my nine year old son comes home from school with a note saying that he was punished for being unfocused. Fortunately he was not physically restrained or beaten up but he did have to walk for five minutes alone at recess. Does this make sense? It certainly does not make sense to me.

He has climbed Mount Everest to show his parents and his school that he can make it academically and socially. Four years ago, he used to be very disruptive and aggressive at school and he was recommended to be placed in a highly contained special education class. His story will appear in the online magazine "Parenting Special Needs Children" this month. I am grateful that he is now 100 % mainstreamed with hardly any aide around him and I am grateful that he is bringing home straights As and Bs but I am more concerned about his overall happiness and health.

What is going on with public schools? Setting him and all the other children like him up for failure? Working on making him and all the other children like him depressed? What happened to all those positive behavior reinforcements?

It is quite ironic to see that he was punished for being unfocused in his Social Studies class. Social Studies is his favorite subject and he does excel in it. It seems to me that he was unfocused because he was bored out of his mind...

No matter how far our children have progressed they still get crap. I am so fed up!!!