From Teresa Forcades, MD, September 23, 2009 live presentation, Monasterio de Sant Benet Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain.

A bombshell was dropped from the top of my beloved Pyrenees mountains in Catalunya by Teresa Forcades, a Benedictine nun from Montserrat (meaning jagged mountain in Catalan) and medical internist doctor about the origins of the current seasonal Influenza and H1N1 (Influenza Type A) vaccines which are going to be injected soon to millions of people worldwide in a rather forceful manner.

The story starts with the pharmaceutical company Baxter which delivered 72 kilos of vaccine material at the end of January 2009 to its subsidiary plant in Austria to be distributed to 16 laboratories in Austria and neighboring countries, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany in order to prepare this year’s flu vaccines.

While preparing this year’s flu vaccines in February 2009 a zealous laboratory technician from Biotest Laboratory in the Czech Republic decided to run an extra safety check on the seasonal flu vaccine before being distributed. He injected the vaccine into ferrets. The ferrets did not get sick they just died. All of them died. Pouf! So our Czech lab technician asked Baxter about the content of the vaccine material they had sent to them for the seasonal flu vaccine. The vaccine material was comprised of two live viruses, one was the Avian virus from 2005 (highly lethal but not very infectious), the other was a seasonal live virus (highly infectious but not lethal). Both live virus were mixed in Baxter’s vaccine material creating a high probability for a recombined virus, that is creating a new virus. Baxter has officially accepted the facts of both live viruses being mixed up. It is unlikely that the mix-up happened by chance because of the highest biolevels of safety (P3 being the highest) in laboratories when handling live viruses.

During the preparation of vaccines live viruses are attenuated through radiation but there are always some live virus parts left out. Our Czech laboratory technician alerted a journalist in his country, Jane Bürgermeister, who asked for explanations to Baxter, W.H.O (World Health Organization) and other authorities.

After two cases of the “New Flu” (H1N1/A) were declared in California on April 17, 2009, Margaret Chan, General director of W.H.O declared the “New Flu” (H1N1/A) an epidemic and placed it at the level five of safety alert. Level five means that countries members of W.H.O make immunization recommendations to their citizens. They warn you of the danger of flu and suggest an immunization program to you. Either you say thank you or no thank you.

On June 11, 2009, Margaret Chan declared the “New Flu” (H1N1/A) a pandemic. How did this happen that in less than two months a “New Flu” (H1N1/A) virus that was not lethal became a pandemic?
In May 2009 W.H.O. changed its definition of a pandemic. Before May 2009 a disease could only be declared a pandemic by W.H.O if it was both highly infectious AND lethal. After May 2009, a disease no longer has to be lethal to be declared a pandemic. With such a ridiculous definition we may as well have a pandemic every year much to Big Pharma’s happiness.

Once a pandemic is declared, the highest level of alert is reached which is level six. At level six recommendations are no longer made for immunization but orders are issued to all the countries that are members of W.H.O for mandatory immunization. If these orders are not respected, then citizens of these countries may be fined (1000 USD per day of immunization missed in Massachusetts) and eventually go to jail. Another form of administrative pressure is to fire people from companies when they refuse this year’s flu vaccines. It already happened not only in this country but also in England and in France.

So now not only are we are dealing with a benign influenza virus, H1N1/Influenza type A which has killed fewer people than any other influenza virus has killed in the previous years but also we are dealing with Seasonal Flu and H1N1 vaccines with the potential of being lethal because of Baxter’s screw up and W.H.O’s own agenda.

If the discovery by laboratory technician from Biotest had not been made the H1N1/A pandemic could have turned into a gruesome reality. Unfortunately, Jane Bürgermeister’ efforts to warn about the real dangers of our current Flu vaccines went un-noticed by the world press. Language barrier? Too many political and economic interests at stake? Both?

There will be three novelties in this year’s flu vaccines:

1. Flu vaccines made from live viruses will be administered in three doses. First dose is for the seasonal Flu vaccine, second and third doses are for the H1N1 vaccine. Therefore the secondary effects of such immunizations will be tripled. In the past people only received one dose of a flu vaccine a year but now they will receive up to three doses a year and they will not have a choice.

2. Adjuvants such as ASO3 which contains Squalene (think Gulf War Syndrome) added to encourage an immune response ten times stronger than without adjuvants.
Because millions of flu vaccines are being prepared, the pharmaceutical companies justify the use of adjuvants to be able to supply to the less developed countries. When using adjuvants (artificial immune system excitory) pharmaceutical companies use fewer antigens (natural immune system excitory) and save money.
The addition of adjuvants was denounced by the Syndicate of French nurses a month ago.
…and Thimerosal as a preservative (not mentioned by Teresa Forcades but
present) provided by GlaxoSmith-Kline.

3. Because pharmaceutical companies have to manufacture millions and millions of flu vaccine doses in a very short time (hey, we are having a pandemic) they are requiring legal immunization from any vaccine adverse effects.

According to Teresa Forcades, if it were not for a Czech laboratory technician who had discovered by chance that the flu vaccines were contaminated we would have had a real pandemic with people dying like flies. Based on the previously stated facts, the danger of the current flu vaccines is real. The danger does not come from the current flu virus itself. If we start seeing unvaccinated people dying like flies from the current flu virus it will mean that the current flu virus has mutated which means that the current flu vaccines will still be ineffective and another flu vaccine will have to be developed preferably not contaminated and without adjuvants.

In light of those facts it is unacceptable on W.H.O’s part to exercise such a coercive legislation. It is up to the people to stand up and denounce such nonsense. People should not be vaccinated this year against the flu and if they are they should be compensated for any resulting vaccine injuries. I already lost my son to autism after he received two doses of Flu vaccines with Thimerosal. I am not going to lose him again now that he is doing so well.

Christine Roffi