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Rich Bolser wrote:
14 years 42 weeks ago

Hi Tim. I read about your story in the Newz Gazette and i feel for you. I too have a son with Autism and he is just about to turn 11 this week. I could moan and groan all day if you want me to but i am more interested in borrowing your brain for a few minutes to maybe seek some advice. I dont want to interupt you and i am sure you have a million things going on but i sure could use some help.... nobody seems willing or interested in helping me with educational questions from any of the places i have been and i am left feeling like im shipwrecked..

and i want to mention too that in the article your wife mentioned that you cant play ball with your son and i wanted to remedy that if i could.. we just finished up the baseball season here in Urbana. They have a program for special needs kids of all kinds to play on a team and participate as much as they are willing or able. It might be worth looking into if you are able. I know its far, but it is a great program and i really got some enjoyment from it and i know my son did too.

anyway... thanks for your time and im looking forward to hearing back from you.

Tim Welsh wrote:
15 years 2 weeks ago

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