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It's been awhile. Things have been stagnant with our son. Most things have been in "maintenance" mode with everything in our lives lately including our son. I am lucky to have things to maintain. It provides me with work. I have had several friends ask me if they could help me because they are out of work. So I know I am lucky just to have work. We all need some work. I often what if any work my son may be capable of in the future.

Spring starts


Spring has arrived. Showed Caleb the flowers when he got home but he was more interested in getting to snack. I'll reinforce the flowers with a book about them later tonight and let him tear one apart while repeating the parts mentioned in the book.

Teachable moments

I found this guy hanging out in the door frame of my house trying to stay warm.

I doubt in 40° weather he'll go far from that crack. So, later today I will use interest in him as a "teachable moment" by relating the real world to the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to talk about what happens, encourage reading, counting and speaking.

But he was still hungry...

Oops I goofed on garden update!

It's taken me awhile to adjust to this format of networking.

I mistakenly posted to the garden group what I thought was here in my blog! You can find that post here

We just got a itouch for an assisted communications device. Oh boy, yet another thing to learn. But maybe I can use that to develop a story board to help make the connection between planting and harvesting mentioned in that post.

Rough Summer - New start in fall

Summer was rough this year. Lots of rain and a groundhog that ate EVERYTHING we planted. I'm working on that!

What we did find in the midst of the unforgotten patch in the woods was the pumpkin plants Caleb planted back in May.

We will start over again and start planting crops to overwinter.

And I WILL catch that groundhog!

Back to the Garden

"And we got to get ourselves back to the garden" - Joni Mitchell

Well I am back home from A1. Happy to see my son - who grew a wonderful yeast farm in his gut while we were gone - and happy to be back to our garden.

With planting in full swing, A1 couldn't occur at a worst time of year for me. This year with Memorial Day falling a week earlier things were even worse - gardenwise. One week makes a big difference.