Each Day We Can Positively Influence the Lives of Others

Each Day We Can Positively Influence the Lives of Others

There is a belief within some cultures that each day we awaken, our actions throughout the next 24 hours can change lives at varying degrees. For the majority, we often don't realize this transpires naturally because those hours are encapsulated by our goals, which are often guided by our hopes and dreams for an ideal future. Within that ever-changing map of purpose, our travels result in triumphs and challenges that often mimic a roller coaster ride.

If we are blessed, we also have the ability to build a natural circle of support that begins with our family as children and branches out in a variety of directions as we grow within the development of relationships. If we are lucky, the benefit will be our inner circle blossoming into a cornucopia of diverse people we refer to as our community. The more fortunate we are, the more communities we are welcomed into, and our lives expand to fulfill those hopes and dreams that may be possible. Once established, this is our grounding, what makes us whole and provides for not only a more fulfilling life, but one that is of enhanced quality.

Once we achieve this, our lives are much richer and -- even if more simple in nature -- we are more appreciative of what we have. We also can have more clarity of what is of most important in our lives. This, too, is the time that can influence the lives of others who may need support to do so.

One family needs to be able to experience this with the help from each of us at this time. They need to do so from their community, from all of their communities, which includes you and those you know. We are reaching out from the autism and disability community because that is where we know Melanie Hamilton Baldwin from. Melanie is an amazing mother and wife whom others have described as "Faithful" as she was battling breast and bone cancer. During that time, she still fought hard to do what she has done best, be there for her son, Luke, who is significantly affected daily by his autism. Both self-injurious and medically fragile, he requires 24/7 care. As Melanie fought hard toward recovery in the past, she also did so for her Luke, while also supporting and inspiring other families by sharing her story as "Booty Kicker" in the Thinking Moms' Revolution book Autism beyond the Spectrum. Currently, through her fight against liver, spine, and bone cancer in her hip, she needs us. Luke needs us. Her family needs us. They need their community.

We can influence today and positively change lives by assisting Melanie, Luke, and her family. A donation page has been established via GiveForward page at ow.ly/BFBvD. to assist the family with Melanie's medical expenses and to provide care for Luke during this crucial time. No matter what the donation, this will assist in changing not only one life today, but all of those within Melanie's family and her community. This is our task because we know if others needed assistance, "Booty Kicker" would be there as she has in the past. We can make a difference also by showing Melanie her community is here, that Luke's community is here, and that we will be here for them. Knowing this will allow Melanie to work toward recovery and allow her family to know they will be supported by their community in the future.

Some may ask why this family, this cause, or today?

We should not have to ask those questions because of how each day we do influence the lives of others.

Each day that influence can and will change individuals’ lives for the positive.

We can ensure others are not alone.

We can grant others peace of mind.

We can be there in spirit to ensure dreams do not subside and to be present to support this family.

We can be the community, the village, the hope that Melanie, Luke, and her family need at this time to feel grounded.

Most importantly, though, we can contribute to this family generously and return to them what they provided to us in the past with the same empathy and compassion they contributed to our community.
Let's get this done and each and every day influence others to do so via this GiveForward page at ow.ly/BFBvD.

With much appreciation to all of you in our community that will support Melanie, Luke, and her family. Please also share this and encourage others to influence a positive change in their lives through our support.

---Andrew, Carolyn, Nick, and Alex Gammicchia