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Pharma Apologists Revealed

Many AutismOne readers have, no doubt, been faithfully following news of the esteemed Dr. Andrew Wakefield's book tour for his crucially important expose of the real story behind the attempt to silence science: Callous Disregard.

But for every group of intelligent and sincere parents out there, there's bound to be at least one fly in the ointment who acidly regurgitates the status quo doublespeak du jour.

The Internet is Like Autism

The Internet is Like Autism

A friend recently sent me a link to a Steven Colbert interview with Nicholas Carr, the author of “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.” Carr contends the Internet is dumbing us down by bombarding us with bits and pieces of information. Backed by a mountain of research Carr believes we are creating new habits of the mind never pausing long enough to comprehend at any meaningful level what we read, hear or see on the Internet.

This is America

This is America
I wrote a piece for our newsletter last week (see below) and the more I thought about it the more I realized there is going to be a growing global flash point between pharma blowhards and parents.

Before getting to the bigger picture in subsequent blogs and newsletters let’s have a final look at Ms. Fisher-of-the-UK. As mentioned, in the newsletter, Ms. Fisher decided it would be “okay” to continue the campaign of terror, which originated in the U.K., against Dr. Wakefield in America.

Let Your Voice Be Heart

Let Your Voice Be Heart. Please Take the Autism Survey.

In preparation for Autism Awareness month, I am conducting a brief survey, the results of which will be included in an article I am writing.

Please take the survey.

Please share this announcement share this survey via your email distribution lists and websites. The survey will remain open until March 30, 2010 at 11:00 pm.

Thank you in advance.

Beth Clay

(Posted for our good friend Beth Clay.)

Dr. Krigsman Leaving Thoughtful House

Our respected friend Dr. Arthur Krigsman and his staff will be leaving Thoughtful House on April 1st to open a new, independent office in Austin, Texas. Patients' complete medical records will accompany them in this transition.

Dr. Wakefield

Dr. Andrew Wakefield will deliver the keynote address at the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law & Advocacy at the AutismOne/Generation Rescue conference, in Chicago.

It is very fitting because Dr. Wakefield and Liz were great friends. It was a friendship built on mutual respect and trust.

Raised in Chicago and a graduate of DePaul University School of Law, Liz had to travel to the UK to find help for her son, Matthew.

The Age of Advocacy

The new decade has begun and I would like to thank all of you who have supported our mission and helped us along the way. Age of Autism was very kind in naming Teri and me Couple of the Year and I’m very touched by their support.


The Greatest Sins

The greatest sin Wired Magazine committed in publishing a hit piece about AutismOne was not against us, but against all the young women who work there.

A workplace comes with its own implicit codes of conduct, belief systems, and dogma. They are the unwritten rules we learned about on playgrounds in grade school.

Never talked about, they became part of how we self-corrected our own thoughts and behaviors from kindergarten through high school to stay within one standard deviation of acceptable.


It's late and mostly quite. It's the time of day I like best. My boys are asleep. Teri is too. Some folks are morning people. I'm a night owl.

There was a recent article in Wired magazine about AutismOne. I'm guessing the magazine is looking for some official response or others may be wondering if we plan to respond. And the short answer is, no.

We have always attempted to stay above the fray. I would much prefer helping a mom, working on something positive or playing with my boys than addressing mainstream trivia.