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First Boy Diagnosed with Autism by Dr. Kanner, Recovered!!

The first boy diagnosed by Dr. Leo Kanner with Autism in 1943, has been found alive and well. He grew up to live a happy, successful life. He is 77 and lives in Mississippi. John Donvan and Caren Zucker tracked him down for an article in The Atlantic on adults with autism.

Donald Triplett has been known in medical literature as Donald T. Patient zero. He was treated with Gold Salts when as a child he developed Arthritis. He got better, but he also began to recover from Autism.

Dr. Wakefield reveals the inside story of the vaccine-autism connection in his book “CALLOUS DISREGARD.”

Speaking from experience, Dr. Wakefield's discovery, gave me hope and the proof that the digestive distress Mickie suffered for so many years and to this day was not normal and that he wasn't just another crazy person, as he was treated by so many doctors, who just kept dismissing his symptoms. The mainstream medical community has set out to destroy Dr. Wakefield for defying the establishment and we are here to support him. It's the least we can do for what he did for our children. Please buy his book-I bought my copy yesterday!!
For the first time: