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Everything goes in, small bits come out.

This morning as I was having a snack with my son, I remembered a past student of mine, Steven was his name. When I had Steven in science class in 7th grade, he was a quiet, very solemn young man who avoided my eye contact at all costs and to get him to react to anything was difficult at best. Having a child of my own with an autism diagnosis, I immediately became attached to Steven and put forth as much effort as I could to get him engaged. I learned that humor and patience were the way to his heart. I watched Steven blossom that year and into the next, when he started 8th grade.

Let the blogging begin!

I recently updated the list of "things we've tried" with our son over the past 6-7 years and wow, I'm amazed! I remind myself constantly of what Dr. Bradstreet says about how the road to healing our children is not a sprint but instead a marathon. That is the most frustrating thing about autism; there is no "one size fits all." Our kids are all biomedical train wrecks with different parts of their bodies being different cars and having different kinds of damage. Does that make sense? Well, they are just sick, toxic kids. That said, our new adventure is nutrigenomics.

Looking for others who have tried IVIG

We've been doing biomedical treaments for almost 7 years and IVIG is something we've talked about, thought about, but haven't heard much about. Is there anyone out there who has tried this? What was the outcome? My son has had secretin, IV glutathione, tried Transfer Factor, none of which gave us results; at least not remarkable results.