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College and Autism Beginning the Process and Finding the Right Fit


This past Christmas while we were visiting some close friends, their oldest son Ben was in the process of researching colleges and had narrowed his search down to three choices. Ben is brilliant and one of his three choices was Yale but that is beside the point. He had done his homework and was so informed on each school, it was very impressive.
Driving home that evening, I started to think about Ben’s conversation. I would love see Jordan attain that social skill. I would love to see Jordan talk amongst his peers about his college choices.

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Interview with Dr. Michael McManmon, Founder of the College Internship Program and a person with Aspergers. The interview starts with Dr. McManmom describing his earlier struggles in life and his later diagnosis of Aspergers and, inturn, his development of a residential mentoring program that help people on the spectrum learn appropriate social responses and to understand social nuances. Dr. McManmon is a speaker on the subject of Asperger's Syndrome and an advocate for ensuring proper accomodations and supports for those with Asperger's who attend college.