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Bathing Therapy

Autistic children can fight autism by addressing the heavy metal toxins that are trapped deep inside their bodies. Only when these toxins are removed from the patients' bodies would they start to experience a difference in health, overall.

Many articles have been written linking autism to mercury poisoning. The similarities between children with autism and people suffering from mercury poisoning are incredibly alike. I myself see the similarities since I suffer from mercury poisoning.

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Chelation! DMSA

Hello everyone my name is Lucy I am new here and would love to get to know more parents, hear about your success stories and learn and maybe even teach others what I have learned! Today I want to hear from other parents who have done chelation using DMSA, I just got done with Peanut's first round and will start back up this Saturday the 1st. I have noticed some mild regression which I heard was normal and expected, not fun but what can you do right.

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