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2006 Conference PowerPoint Presentations

Come out of hiding...I poke my head higher!

I come out of my hole to say "Hi!" *grin* son is tall as me...and parenting a high functioning, Autism, Aspergers, one knows for sure...with ADHD starting a full time job...and he turned 11 two months ago. I fell off the planet for a reason...really did, but the up side Kolin Sovern is well on his way to his have no aide in middle learn computers, to drive a car, have his own place...and make his own rules in it.


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Rally to Protest Over-Vaccination of ...

Teri interviews Dr. John Robb about the rationale for the March 13 rally.

Healing the Earth, Healing ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference. Alicia Ontiveros.

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Raising a Child on the Spectrum: ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference: Ken Siri, MBA.

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Biofilms, Bugs, and Bowels: ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference. John H. Hicks, MD.

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Homeopathic treatment of autism -- an introduction

This show presents some introductory information about the treatment of autism with classical homeopathy. (Note: This show first aired on April 15, 2005.)

Parental Fears: ''When I’m No Longer Around''

Raun and Kristin take some time to discuss a question that strikes fear into the heart of many parents with children on the spectrum: What will happen to my child when I am no longer around? Listen in and get some new ways to put this fear to rest so you can focus on helping your child in the here and now. Your hosts also argue about which gender makes better teachers, invent technologies that maximize our right to be lazy, and celebrate our kids.