101 Things I wish I had known and understood

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AY.org presents... Dana Gorman, M.S. founder
AY.org presents... What I wish I had known & understood about
when I started my journey over 6
This presentation has been made possible by my son’s journey with A.U.T.I.S.M. His name is Kellen & his nickname is “Gecko”!
We DO know
what causes
A.U.T.I.S.M.!! !
Summit #2: Bierman, Carlo, Cowden, Derksen, Duncan, Gorman, Klinghardt, Steenblock, Usman+++
People with A.U.T.I.S.M. begin to THRIVE every day
Step by Step
I am saying people vs. children because there is
NO age limit
for the damage from eurotoxicity to be reversed.
I am saying THRIVE vs. Recover because our children will
remain “Neuro-diverse” after neurotoxin induced illhealth is resolved....
& thank GOD for tha
I am celebrating my son’s perfection...recognizing his neurotoxicity is keeping him from Thriving!
The goals of “Recovery” & “Cure” challenge his
Understanding & Healing
Hand in Hand!!!
Unders ta ndinstarts with the g...
TRUE definition of
This definition begins with knowing our children with
A.U.T.I.S.M. are in a state TOXIC
one way street...
which results in “Encephalopathy” or Chronic Brain
is caused by
NEUROTOXIN (& Pathogen)
accumulation & damag
N.I.C.E. (Neurotoxin Induced Chronic
Encephalopathy) or Disorder? Autism: A Neurological
Are we really simply
labeling a cluster of symptoms
Autism & assuming it is a neurological disorder in it’s origin when more likely than not the dysfunction originates with toxin/microbe overload?
Water Color or Monet,
Tissues or Kleenex, Pain
Reliever or Aspirin…
Hey...I’m just N.I.C.E.!! !
Neurotoxin Induced Chronic
nclude thousands of substances both aturally occurring & NOT!
NEUROTOXINS contribute to a high
When contributors are tracked they correspond directly with the AUTISM
Father’s Pre-Conception Profession & Health (esp. computer, construction & dentistry)
Mother’s Pre-Conception Profession & Health (esp. medical careers & dentistry)
Parents, Family & Child’s Energetic Burden (stress & more)
Parent & Pregnancy conditions re: stress, EMF, nutrition, exercise, including labor & delivery conditions
Fish consumption: cumulative esp. pregnancy & child. The larger the fish the higher mercury - Tuna esp. high!
Dental Situation: metal fillings, dental work esp. during pregnancy, also focal lesions (root canals & tonsils)
Exposure to Construction &/or MOLD with the combination being the worst!
Genetics Profile of parents resulting in level of toxic burden at conception & child’s capacity to detoxify incoming toxic burden.
Breast feeding is the best option but transfers toxic burden to child (this can be bound w/ chlorella)
Vaccines & Antibiotics esp. # of doses relative to weight of child This is also true for the mother pre & post pregnancy
Child’s habits regarding: food, sleep, exercise, stress, EMF, activities, etc.
Pregnancy & Child exposure to EMF, Cell Signals & Broadband Over Power Lines (not common yet)
But what is making it creates OTAL BODY BURDEN high that inflammati brain & sets the stage for
GENES are impacted b
which are impact by GENES Vicious which are impact Cycle by
GENES are impacted the rate of accumulati on
but...Remember th “Bubble Boy” who “grew out” o his genetic mutatio Well that is what kids after we will happen to ou clean them up. Their GENES will revert back to pre-toxic
before we are even bo
Chlorella can successfully bind these same toxins & keep them from passing on to the
Antibiotic use for common childhood illness contributes...
When our children’s cupBODY BURDEN for TOTAL runs over they react to the world from a state of OVERLOAD!
Becaus e of this overThey load...
wear their MASK
l wa ys U nder T remendous I nternal S tress Mask
new insults & toxin re-circulation require the MASK
Most of our children deal with daily exposures that force them to wear their mask...
exposures can
include: EMF
SCHOOL & ABA White/Flouresc ent Light SMOG Exposur STRESS & Negativity & Smells e
FOOD/Exc itotoxins Stimulus from any source TV & Video
ct most of our kids off the day without the mask only to adopt it wh their daily burden eclipses their detox capacity.
EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) is disturbing the sleeping environment...
The simplist semi-solution is to sleep 3 feet from electrical sources!
has U.T.I.S.M.three very
specific visible characteristics:
1.) Neurological deficits from chronic insult 2.) Characteristic habits from daily toxin exposure & recirculation 3.) “Seeking” behaviors designed to CREATE this state
Neurological deficits from chronic insult can be the last deficiencies Diminished I.Q. to rebound & may include:
Lack of Speech
Ch ron Ch ron ic I ic I nsu nfl a m l t= ma tio n
Lack of Coordination
Lack of Reactions:
sneezing, tanning, coughing, yawning, startling, sniffing, laughing, crying, fever,
Characteristic habits from daily toxin exposure & re-circulation
can look like this...
Homeostasis is what we all crave!
“Seeking” behaviors designed to CREATE this state are harder to spot, but can look like this if he were trying to get “high” off the smells/toxins in bed
hen we relieve the stress on their system... take off the mask of A.U.T.I.S.M.
in this order!
is made up of a balance between
Toxins/Metals Pathogens Energy/Stress Chaos/Genes
most important things I have ever learned is the relationship
which It started basically with “The Klinghardt Axiom” says humans maintain a balance between toxins &
Toxins/Metals Microbes
Energetic/St ress Burden
Our current aggressive Lyme protocol has been very successful for our son...but did not MT well until he was on Valtrex & Diflucan. He then tested for Rocephin & Bicillin which he now gets IV.
Lyme & Autism
Inflammation...the grandaddy
of keeping other treatments from being successful!!! ...& most of it is coming from Stress & Stimulation!
NOT ENOUGH of something or TOO MUCH of something in our kid’s bodies.
Let’s just give some examples:
Item: Amino Acids Minerals/Metals
Too Little:
Glutathione, GABA, Taurine, Metalthionine
Pyroluria (Zinc & B6) Schizophrenia - Lithium Magnesium, Selenium
Too Much:
“Dietomorpins” or opiodes from food, Glutamate Hemochromatosis: Iron Copper, Mercury, etc.
Sugars/Carbs Enzymes
“Sugars That Heal”: Glucosamine, Aloe, Beta-Glucan, Xylitol, Inulin
Vitamins & Nutrients
Dietary Enzymes, Enzymes that break up cellular tissue, Enzymes that stimulate metal binding, PST
High Glycemic Index Foods: Sugar, HFCS (fructose), Aspartame
This initiates decay of food Mold-derived digestive enzymes
ALL food & nutrients/vitamins that your body does not successfully metabolize has to be detox
Pretty much any vitamin tested in the body of a child with Autism will be deficient in a percentage that is higher than in typical people Acidopholis, Bifidus ...these are the two most common of a long list of beneficial bacteria. There are also beneficial funguses & viruses!!!
Microbe (Bugs)
Strep, Staph, Measles, Lyme, E-Coli, Tetanus, Mumps, Diptheria - Active infections of almost all the vaccines are routinely found in body parts of our kids (gut, brain, tonsils, teeth,etc.
Fats & Fatty Acids
Essential Fatty Acids, DHA, Omega 3,6 & 9 balance
Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Fat in food w/o ability to digest
oftentimes used by the body as PROTECTION!
FAT, Cholesterol, Pathogens, Tumors
Now it is time to fly through some “Take-
diagnostics available to parents is what comes out of our children. POOP should SINK! If it doesn’t than your child is not digesting fats well or enough. clear enough to see through (if
Every data point that requires processing up-regulates neurological
From a Neuro-Sensor perspective... SCHOOL is one of the WORST environments!!!
Our children lear with neurologica efficiency when they have SINGLE FOCUS! Everything they sense - hear, see, smell, feel away from this focus,
Neurological Efficiency is optimized when FOCUS is rotated amongst the senses.
you can simply take temps before lunch & dinner.
For healing to occur, your child must have a normal (98.6 or higher) resting body You can do the Barne’s Temp Test, or temperature.
Hypothyroid & Iodine Test
Step 2: Apply a dab to skin & let air dry Step 3: Every few hours check for it to be gone. The sooner within 24 hours it disappears, the more severely IODINE deficient you/your child is. Keep applying until it “sticks” for 24 hours. Iodine Deficiency by default = HYPOthyroidism!
Step 1: Buy a bottle: $2
Warning: this IODINE is TOXIC if swallowed or taken internally!
DO NOT TAKE by MOUTH & KEEP out of REACH of CHILDREN!!! This is what Dr Derksen put me on...seemed effective! This is a link to someone selling it
This was what it looked like after only an hour!!!
Watch Lithium levels! Anju
It will be gone w/in 4 hours...oops! I haven’t been taking the Thyroid Complex to left!
Ubiquitous MERCURY exposure accompanied by chronic MOLD results in exponential accumulation of BOTH. This results in an overburdened immune & neurological system & opportunistic microbes thriving & setting up habitats...
I think of the mercury sortof frying a little path & creating dead microbes only to be surrounded & covered by the “winners” of the microbial race to be the “king of the hill” of the heap of microbial/toxic debris.
HYPOTHYROID (potentially more than 80%-Willis & Jim) Link to original paper on Core Issues
It has been estimated that up to 80% of autistics are HYPOthyroid (Willis Langford).You can not depend on the lab tests. You will miss many kids with  this. Thyroid function is enormously important to re-build the immune systems of these kids. Without addressing this “underlying” issue it can  undermine “comprehensive” efforts to hit the “tipping point” that returns them to normal immune/brain function. There is an inverse relationship between TSH levels & thyroid function. The more TSH you have the more HYPOthyroid you are. Anything over 3 is  considered by most recent studies to be a potential indicator of lowered thyroid hormone production (HYPOthyroid)   THINGS THAT REDUCE THYROID FUNCTION (exacerbating HYPOthyroid): 1.) Fluoride (avoid it in all toothpaste & water (check water bottler -not required on label) 2.) Mercury (until chelation challenge proves otherwise assume problem for autistic) 3.) Copper (until lab results indicate otherwise assume high in autistic) 4.) Residue from plastics (h20 bottles) (Pica-putting plastic things in mouth) 5.) It is suspected that other environmental toxins contribute.   ***Take a moment & think about this…Most if not all of these kids have the above listed issues, therefore probably Hypothyroidism. My son is  Hypothyroid despite having a constantly warm body…including his night time/early morning hands & feet. However, he did not pass the Iodine test. So  my basic message is since none of the supplemental interventions for thyroid function seem to be contra-indicated you can probably just treat your child  for Hypothyroidism & move on! NUTRIENTS REQUIRED FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE THYROID: B2 in a multiB B6, B6, B6, B6…(40lb child 50 mg/3 x’s day -Willis) B 12 see info on Folic Acid B12 Protocol on Day Protocol Vitamins A (in it’s natural form: Cod Liver Oil) (w/ Arachadonic Acid) Vitamins C & E Bovine or pig derived thyroid glandular (all natural) @ any health food store Glutathione Iodine Magnesium Selenium Tyrosine Avoid Long Chain Fatty Acids (Canola, Safflower) can’t break these down BARNES BASAL TEMPERATURE TEST: Before you go to bed set up a thermometer you can use without getting out of bed or exerting effort (if you haven’t gotten rid of your mercury  containing ones and plan to use it shake it down before you lay down, if other kind use per directions) When you first wake up take your underarm temperature for 10 minutes. Repeat for 3 days. If your body temperature is between 97.8 & 98.2 or HIGHER your thyroid function is probably normal…if it is lower you/your child are probably  HYPOthyroid.  
YOUR GUT IS FULL OF BUGS!!! Lots & Lots of creepy, crawling BUGS!!!
The key is providing the environment for the “Good Guys”!
Spectrum” our children are is dependent on many factors...
Movement on this spectrum is inevitable!
When it comes to the How do I get this stuff BRAIN out of here? there are two specific you must assure are optimi 1.) Brain Drain (stuff co out) 2.) Brain Uptake (stuff g
ronic STREP & swollen TONSILS may be venting your child’s brain from draining & acting as a focal lesion!
This may also be blocking the uptake of essential nutrients in the
Getting things IN & OUT of the Brain is a huge underrecognized obstacle for healing our Successful strategies could include: Tonsil children! removal, Pulsed Magnetic Fields, CranialSacral (hard head = #1), finger accupressure
with nutrients, lymph drainage, alternating ice on head & heat on feet, head stimulus, alternating right & left movements, neural therapy, laser, etc..
This is my son getting his bi-weekly IV He regularly tests for the Bemer-3000 (pulsed magnetic) & the Alpha-Stim (electric stim) during the chelation portion of his IV (stimulates uptake)
The total cost for this intervention in money is less than $20 & in time less than an hour! Combined with being in the dark & quiet...this will down-regulate/de-stress the neurological system like nothing else I know of. Do a round of deep pressures first.
My son in his TUBE!
This pic is a link to a tutorial on how to make a tube! (video) <bike hook
This is what a homemade “TUBE” looks like with my son inside! We learned this technique at FuturesUnlimited.com
“Gecko’s” in hisTUBE! I am simply showing you how you hang the tube you just made with the top knot right next to the hook & thru the big “hoop” of fabric you just created... (tutorial)
What’s in a TUBE???
This is my son in his yperbaric chamber
y son in his bucket at Warner Hot Springs (CA). He goes twice a week & sits in this bucket for
Symptoms are a luxury & are only possible when the system has the energy to mount them.
On numerous occasions our son has produced this strange flushing of his forehead with the white mid-point. We celebrate his symptoms as they are rarely un-accompanied by improvement after
Vicious Cycle
In this photo...I can tell he knows exactly where he needs to go & be to THRIVE!
This photo was taken on May 28, 2007 & was the first time he had initiated active play in a long time!
E was done by my son in December ‘05
Drooling: Hypersalivation
Our son had not drooled for years...he is now 7. He started again about 6 months ago...at the same time he was becoming much more aware of his surroundings. I am not overly freaked out about this...it is not his only sign of being neuro-”diverse”...but I always want to know WHY??? Anju...Acetylcholine??? I consider it a symptom of neurotoxicity but feel symptoms are a very specific reaction to stuff when it is coming through the first time or coming back out (my hope now) after having been sequestered. When we are successful motivating the toxins to become displaced in the hopes of escorting them all the way out of the body...they oftentimes recreate symptoms of original exposure.
Cilantro (cut, stems in a cup of water in the fridge - best storage technique same for asparagus)
Breakfast: Getting stuff we want in our kids is one of the greatest challenges we face. This recipe for “green stuff” & eggs with runny yolks provides you with a delicious system for getting LOTS of the stuff they need in... Raw Egg Yolks are excellent chelators & sources of protein. Garlic is an excellent chelator & one of the only “Universal” Anti-microbials. It is active at killing: parasites, viruses, bacteria & fungus, but only in its most active form which is within 30 minutes of crushing. Cilantro is a phenomenal mobilizer of toxins. Avacado is an excellent source of essential fats & more. It’s just a great way to start the day! ...& my son loves it!
PST: Phenyl-Sulfur Transferase Deficiency
This is the enzyme we use to break down Phenols. When you smell something it contains phenols that must be broken down. There are also phenols in our food that must be broken down with this enzyme. Below you will find a list of what to look for and what to do...
(Phenol-SulfoTransferase Enzyme Deficiency) (potentially more than 80% - Dr. Rosemary Waring) Treatment of PST: Avoid Environmental Toxins (requires this enzyme) Avoid Tylenol (disables this enzyme further) Avoid Salicilates & Phenols=(require this enzyme) Feingold Diet/Sara’s diet (reduces need for this enzyme)
“He” is poisoned by his own metabolic waste & food/environment phenols.” –Willis
Avoid Bananas, Apples & Grapes (esp. red)
Symptoms of PST Thirst is excessive Night sweats Bedding smells weird Eyes have dark shadows Cheeks & Ears are occasionally red
Glycine (helps w/ high serotonin) (increases bile) (glycinated minerals help) Epsom Salt Bath Glucosamine (be careful can produce Glutamine which is excitotoxic) Condroitin Sulfate Taurine Glutathione (transdermal/IV/oral has some gut healing benefit) MSM NAC (low dose) ALA (low dose)  Detox: sauna, hat bath, massage, moderate exercise
Stem Cells were done by my son twice with Dr David Steenblock
Guidelines for Non-Toxic Living from
adapted from Our Little Place
1.) Avoid, get rid of, and don’t buy things you can SMELL (scented products too!) 2.) Avoid ALL fabric softeners & dryer sheets 3.) Avoid ALL pesticides, fungicides, herbicides & fertilizers 4.) Use only unscented non-toxic cleaning & personal care products (Miracle II) 5.) Drink and bathe in filtered (no chlorine) water 6.) Eat organic & raw food. Avoid microwaved, processed food & NutraSweet & MSG 7.) Wear only natural fiber clothing: 100% cotton, wool, silk, linen (w/o flame retardant) 8.) Use only natural fiber bedding: same as above (including bed if possible) 9.) Avoid: MOLD & New Construction: plastics, particle-board, plywood, glues, inks, paints, foam rubber, vinyl, carpet, synthetic rugs, varnishes, solvents, etc. 10.) Open windows whenever possible & incorporate good air filters & humidity controls 11.) Incorporate healthy houseplants that remove toxins: Philodendrons,          Spider, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Golden Pothos & Boston Fern                         (AND cover soil with 2 inches of “fish tank rocks” to inhibit MOLD) 12.) Move all beds so there’s 3 feet between your head and power outlets or wires                         with electrical activity per Dr. Klinghardt (Stetzer Filters can help too!) 13.) Minimize use of cell/cordless phones & wireless information transfer-internet 14.)  GIVE AWAY EVERYTHING you don’t NEED! It creates a breeding ground for all the stuff you are trying to eliminate: dust, mold, microbes & is hard to clean! 15.) Start the day with a POSITIVE thought & write it on drinking bottle of water! Eg. I am HEALING today! (Remember: You ARE what you THINK you are!)   “The most polluted and dangerous air of all is the air you and your loved ones are breathing every time you go anywhere in your car!” …Dr Joseph Mercola
Establish a “Sleeping Sanctuary”
Head 6 feet from wall/electrical sources Metal Free Bed Frame & Mattress (box too) Power off in sleeping area at night Clear sleeping area of clutter Get rid of cloc Sleep North to South or (S to N) Avoid Heated sleeping situations (electric ***Melatonin at night***LOTS to learn here
head @ foot of bed)
radio & get battery powered
lankets & pads)
Ground Yourself Like the Flowers do...
Earth Tether (also sleeping sanctuary establishment) other option Walk barefoot in grass Sit/Lie on ground (meditate/sit in earthhole) Hands in running water (clean) Shower or bath w/H20 running (clean) Wear shoes that keep you connected
Avoid Incoming Signals...
Cell Phone Usage Limit Cell Phone Ear Piece with air tube Avoid Hybrid Cars BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) researched BPL handled/mitigated Avoid Apartments & Office Buildings Avoid Electrical Appliances esp. close us Absolutely NO microwave use (mangles proteins) Spend less time on Computer
Avoid becoming a HUMAN
ANTENNA!!! Eliminate wrist watch Eliminate all metal on person Metal Free Bed Metal Free Dentistry Metal Deto
Church Steeples are a very common location with a monthly stipend of about $1000/month
cell tower emits a 1.6 mile radius
Schools & Buildings are other common locations for towers!
Cell Phone Tower Emission ...
is a particularly harmful new age problem. Being aware of cell phone tower locations is step one... with your zip code go to: antennasearch.com
Dr K says...”Get rid of your cell phones & stop paying the bills! That is the only way to truly change the industry!”
Our hea ling children are notoriously low in Vitamin D which is created cks simply block this production & your bodies natural response to the sun...TOXIC at wo rst & allergenic at best (titanium dioxide). Best Option: multiple ions in the sun, with maximum skin exposure. Start in the winter to build up a tan if possible. For longer exposures & between 10 & 2... long sleeved T-shirt & a hat! ...approximate
Beware Hybrid Cars... “Best for the Environment! Worst for kids in the back! Very high EMF level in rear of car” ...Dr K
what peice are we missing... & where can i find them?
sm h Auti it ilies w am here f ...w e! Thriv
August 19-30, 2007 is the timeframe I am focusing on attempting to draw vendors to the area who will hopefully provide the following services:
I am working diligently on economical HBOT sessions in the area. Any parents with chambers???  as only Warner Springs Ranch has it!
Pony rides are currently available to all WSR & I am working toward more!
Sauna (@WSR -age limit) Many things my son currently does for detox are easy to make available once logistics are worked out.
Accupuncture, Chiropractic, CranialSacral, Homeopathy, Naturopaths, Specialist in Alternative Medicine Daily/Weekly Seminars SPECIALTY
CCDT ­  Chronologically  Controlled  Developmental  Therapy (10 DAYS)
Healthy 4 day rotation of Organic GF/CF/SoyF/ Food Cooking
Basic guidance on how to begin & implement the Yasko Genetics testing & protocols.
supplements detoxification priority training to take this home
Alpha-Stim, S-21 Diagnose-Me.com QXCI Laser Detoxification Bemer 3000 on & on & on...