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Environmental Medicine and Toxins

EPIGENETICS? Can A New Science Finally Prove Autism's Causes?

Standing on a soap box and calling out, "It's Thimerosal, it's Vaccines, it's Pesticides, it's Mercury from coal burning power plants," without the "Evidence of Harm" to back up such accusations only causes our cries to fall on deaf ears and discredits our point. Especially when the Parma companies, politicians and industry leaders lay back on their laurels and say "There is no conclusive evidence."
But all that is about to change.

Can Epigenetics explain autism's causes?

Before going into Epigenetics we first have to address all or most of the other theories out there. Problem with most theories, they all have holes or inconsistencies that thwart consistent provability. For instance, if it's Thimerosal then how is it cases have only increased since it's removal? And how about children showing autistic signs (like my son) since birth? Some say it's genetic, but that's utterly incomplete as well.

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