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Autism Advocates Tweets, Tips, Testimony, & Toolbox

Autism Advocates Tweets, Tips, Testimony, & Toolbox

As 2010 begins, the hope and message has never been more alive. Our loved ones are recovering. The powers that be are in a daze, have admitted increases, and Environmental impact. This is the forum to rejoice in the power of Unity within Autism Community #UWAC and Express our thoughts and Feelings #FAY Feel Autism Yet? This is the place to come to share your method of getting the word out. We will discuss the basics of Personal Branding, Autism Advocacy, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards, social networks, moving beyond preaching to the choir, and amplification of the great writers here at AutismOne and across the net

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Twitter Autism Advocacy TannersDad Vision Answers for Autism

Timothy Welsh 16,000th tweet on the way to 100,000.

TannersDad Vision:

1,000,000 Retweets #APE ( Autism Pandemic Evolution )
100,000 Tweets #TAhml ( Tweet Autism How much longer)
10,000 Followers #FAY ( Feel Autism Yet )
1,000 Groups United #UWAC ( Unity within Autism Community )
100 Senators Supporting #PMB ( Poison Mercury Boycott & Ban )
10 Commandments Obeyed #TruthFirst ( Truth First )

1 ANSWER FOR #AUTISM #1in91 ( A number that was 1 in 10,000 )

Crank up the buzz machine. 5.26.10

You know how production houses get people to pay big bucks for box office hits? They pay Millions for publicity & Buzz. These days buzz is free.... We all need to start inviting friends to save the day 5.26.10 & start asking questions about personal rights & freedoms we all take for granted. At this point we are not really releasing any specifics... Just get people connecting the date & Questions... Here are a few example tweet & Status updates. Be sure to only use 130 letters so it is easy to retweet...

Twitter Course 2


A grasp of Twitter terminology is vital to anyone using the service. There are a lot of terms unique to Twitter, and it can get very confusing, very fast if you don’t have some idea of what others are talking about. Here’s a quick guide to the most common terms you’ll likely hear.

DM or Direct Message: This is a private message sent to another Twitter user. It’s preceeded by a “D” and can only be sent to a user who is following you.

Twitter Basics 101

Join Me in stepping out of our comfort zones. Twitter is the new social animal simple party line that everyone is on the same page. It gives us the opportunity to open a dialog in a non-combative way. With only 140 letters to say what you have to say, editorial comment and exaggeration must be left on the cutting room floor. All factions are represented. It is time we stop preaching to the choir and move out into the real world.

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