Biotoxins and Autism

A genetically-susceptible subset of Autistic children can suffer toxic injury to the brain and immune system not only as a result of exposure to heavy metals, but also as a result of exposure to “biotoxins” such as indoor molds. These toxins activate the immune system, creating a Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This lecture presents symptoms of CIRS, an on-line screening test and lab studies. Treatment amplifies the response to both biomedical and behavioral interventions.

Georgia Davis, MD, MD

Dr. Davis is a board-certified integrative physician in private practice in Springfield, Illinois, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of complex neuropsychoimmunologic and endocrine conditions. She has been a DAN physician and been mentored for over 10 years by Dr. Jacqueline McCandless, author of "Children with Starving Brains.” Dr. Davis' practice offers compassionate, comprehensive, integrative biomedical treatment to those on the autism spectrum who have not yet recovered fully.