An email I recieved that I feel I must share!

I am literally holding back tears and am sick to my stomach. I am going to be making phone calls on Monday. I am begging you to do the same. Please, please, please do this for the people that I love.

I am also being a bit selfish too...I could lose my job because of these budget cuts. Ask for a tax hike. I am not happy about it either, but cutting social services as a whole by 50% is crazy! Anything can happen at anytime to anyone and they could need the services that are being cut. They would not be available here.

Dear Families and Friends,

Today I received notice of where state funding cuts will affect Options & Advocacy. The State of Illinois is eliminating funding for the independent service coordination program which is the heart and soul of what we do. This program provides coordination of services, family support, educational advocacy, as well as entry into the state base called the Prioritization of Urgency of Need Survey or PUNS. In the past year this program has provided high quality services to over 200 families.

This is just the beginning. More cuts are threatened, including to Child & Family Connections which provides early intervention services to young children under the age of three who are having a delay in their development.

As you know, the State of Illinois consistently ranks as 47th to 51st in how it funds services for children and adults with disabilities. Why is this? Why are people who can’t speak or walk or think differently invisible to our legislature?

We need your help desperately! Please write to Governor Pat Quinn, House Speaker Mike Madigan, your state senator, and your state representative. Include a picture of your family member. Tell them cuts to services for persons with disabilities are UNACCEPTABLE.

I have attached a list of cont act s as well as a sample letter. If you use the sample letter, please personalize it with how your family will be imp act ed. If you will be personally imp act ed, know that your community will be. A handwritten line or two will speak volumes. While we need to communicate with our local representatives, we really need to focus on Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan.

Dear Governor Quinn,

It is UNACCEPTABLE for the State of Illinois to cut services to children and adults with disabilities. Illinois is already ranked at or near the bottom when compared to how other states provide services for this vulnerable population.

The impact of not providing these most basic of services will hurt every community in Illinois. We have a moral and ethical commitment to help those who cannot help themselves.

Do not cut these critical social services!

I hate lengthy alerts, but this information really is important and if you
only have time to read part of it, please concentrate on the first half and
then ACT!

If you think it¹s terrible that Illinois ranks dead last in providing
community based services for persons with Developmental Disabilities ­


The bottom line is that we absolutely have to have a tax increase in
Illinois if we are to fund the critical services that are so important to
our citizens with Developmental Disabilities. The last time the income tax
was voted on, it failed by a vote of 74 Nays, 42 Yeas and 2 Present. We need
71 Yeas this time so our work is really cut out for us. This link will tell
you how your legislator voted:

If you like to get information in a nutshell ­ then stop here and let your
legislator know that:

We need them to support an income tax increase and to not vote on any state
budget that cuts disability or human services!

We need a hard commitment that we can count on them. Talk to them. Have your
friends talk to them. Keep the pressure on!

Let us know how it goes.

If this is as far you plan to read, then be sure to call your legislators -
There is a complete list of Illinois Representatives at the end of this

If you want to be well informed about what¹s going on in Illinois, then read
on and you¹ll see it isn¹t pretty:

Director Leilia Teninty, Director of the Division of Developmental
Disabilities just sent a memo to Provider Organizations Funded through the
Division of Developmental Disabilities. Below are excerpts from the
Director¹s message:

RE: Fiscal Year 10 Budget Impact

Due to the General Assembly¹s failure to approve the revenue plan proposed
by Governor Quinn, the State of Illinois will no longer be able to afford
even basic services for thousands of people with developmental disabilities.
This will have a negative impact on the individuals, their families, their
providers and direct care workers who continue to work to meet people¹s
needs in even the most difficult situations.

The General Assembly recently approved a ³50-percent budget² for fiscal year
2010 that cuts a long list of vital services and programs. This budget falls
far short of meeting the statutory obligations and needs of the State, and
fails to fulfill our basic commitments to the people of Illinois.

The legislature¹s ³50 percent budget² cut $2.24 billion from the Department
of Human Services (DHS) budget severely impacting our ability to provide
vital services to people with developmental disabilities and their families.
As a result, we are forced to cut a number of grant programs and consider
significant rate cuts to remaining programs.

The list of grant programs the Division of Developmental Disabilities will
no longer be able to fund effective June 30, 2009 include the following:

Grant and Respite Programs:

150 Diagnostic/Evaluation
160 Client/Family Support
250 Epilepsy
320 Vocational Development
380 Regular Work/Sheltered Employment
390 Supported Employment
400 Dental Services
430 Leisure Time
450 Demonstration Project
500 ISC
781 Bogard Service Coordination
880 Group Respite
87D In-Home Respite Care
89D Residential Respite
430 Leisure Time
500 ISC
89D Residential Respite

Significant rate reductions, in the range of 20 ­ 30% annually, for all
remaining programs including Community Integrated Living Arrangements
(CILA), Developmental Training (DT) and Intermediate Care Facilities for
Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) services are still under
review. In the event these rate reductions are necessary, a separate notice
will be issued in advance of the effective date.

The ARC of Illinois provided the following information:

Illinois House members are listed below, so you can just scroll down this
list to find the contact information for your State Representative ­ first
Democrats then Republicans.

Don't know your Illinois Legislative member, go here:


Representative Mike Boland
District 71
District City: Moline
District Phone: 309-736-3360
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3992

Representative John Bradley
District 117
District City: Marion
District Phone: 618-997-9697
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1051

Representative James Brosnahan
District 36
District City: Oak Lawn
District Phone: 708-499-2810
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0515

Representative John D¹Amico
District 15
District City: Chicago
District Phone: 773-736-0218
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8198

Representative Lisa Dugan
District 79
District City: Kankakee
District Phone: 815-939-1983
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5981

Representative Keith Farnham
District 43
District City: Elgin
District Phone: 847-841-7130
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8020

Representative Robert Flider
District 101
District City: Decatur
District Phone: 217-428-2708
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8398

Representative John Fritchey
District 11
District City: Chicago
District Phone: 773-871-4000
Springfield Phone: 217-782-2458

Representative Careen Gordon
District 75
District City: Coal City
District Phone: 815-634-3096
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5997

Representative Jehan Gordon
District 92
District City: Peoria
District Phone: 309-681-1992
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3186

Representative Jay Hoffman
District 112
District City: Collinsville
District Phone: 618-345-2176
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8018

Representative Thomas Holbrook
District 113
District City: Belleville
District Phone: 618-394-2211
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0104

Representative Kevin Joyce
District 35
District City: Worth
District Phone: 708-448-3518
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8200

Representative Joseph Lyons
District 19
District City: Chicago
District Phone: 773-286-1115
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8400

Representative Karen May
District 58
District City: Highwood
District Phone: 847-433-9100
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0902

Representative Emily McAsey
District 85
District City: Crest Hill
District Phone: 815-588-0085
Springfield Phone: 217-782-4179

Representative Kevin McCarthy
District 37
District City: Orland Park
District Phone: 708-226-1999
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3316

Representative Deborah Mell
District 40
District City: Chicago
District Phone: 773-267-2880
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8117

Representative Brandon Phelps
District 118
District City: Harrisburg
District Phone: 618-253-4189
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5131

Representative Dan Reitz
District 116
District City: Sparta
District Phone: 618-443-5757
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1018

Representative Mark Walker
District 66
District City: Arlington Heights
District Phone: 847-640-8645
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3739

Representative Michael Zalewski
District 21
District City: Summit
District Phone: 708-728-9922
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5280


Representative Suzanne Bassi
District 54
District City: Palatine
District Phone: 847-776-1880
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8026

Representative Patricia Bellock
District 47
District City: Westmont
District Phone: 630-852-8633
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1448

Representative William Black
District 104
District City: Danville
District Phone: 217-431-1986
Springfield Phone: 217-782-4811

Representative Dan Brady
District 88
District City: Bloomington
District Phone: 309-662-1100
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1118

Representative Rich Brauer
District 100
District City: Springfield
District Phone: 217-782-0053
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0053

Representative Sandy Cole
District 62
District City: Grayslake
District Phone: 847-543-0062
Springfield Phone: 217-782-7320

Representative Elizabeth Coulson
District 17
District City: Glenview
District Phone: 847-724-3233
Springfield Phone: 217-782-4194

Representative Tom Cross
District 84
District City: Plainfield
District Phone: 815-254-0000
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1331

Representative Roger Eddy
District 109
District City: Hutsonville
District Phone: 618-563-4128
Springfield Phone: 217-558-1040

Representative Kay Hatcher
District 50
District City: Yorkville
District Phone: 630-553-3223
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1486

Representative David Leitch
District 73
District City: Peoria
District Phone: 309-690-7373
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8108

Representative Sidney Mathias
District 53
District City: Arlington Heights
District Phone: 847-222-0061
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1664

Representative Michael McAuliffe
District 20
District City: Chicago
District Phone: 773-792-0749
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8182

Representative Jerry Mitchell
District 90
District City: Rock Falls
District Phone: 815-625-0820
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0535

Representative Donald Moffitt
District 74
District City: Galesburg
District Phone: 309-343-8000
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8032

Representative Rosemary Mulligan
District 65
District City: Des Plaines
District Phone: 847-297-6533
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8007

Representative JoAnn Osmond
District 61
District City: Antioch
District Phone: 847-838-6200
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8151

Representative Raymond Poe
District 99
District City: Springfield
District Phone: 217-782-0044
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0044

Representative Michael Tryon
District 64
District City: Crystal Lake
District Phone: 815-459-6453
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0432

Representative Angelo Saviano
District 77
District City: Elmwood Park
District Phone: 708-453-7547
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3374

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