The Dreams of a Father so real I live it everyday

I am very excited to be a new blogger on the Autism One Site. I bring to the table over six years of studying the Autism issues for approximately 100 hours a week. So I figure I have over 31,000 hours of study time in. I have read studies, blogs, emails, posts, books, and have lived with a non verbal son dealing with Autism all that time. I have been helping raise awareness on all fronts. We have many irons in the fire and need all hands on deck.

My dream is to find a solution today for families dealing with Autism. The vision is to have Treatment Cure and Solution in place prior to 2030. That is a real solution. Not one like the Downs syndrome version where we abort our way out of the problem. I feel this dream and vision so strongly I have forfeited jobs and health for it. I have given up my own personal goals and aspiration for others. I know that it has caused me to grow and be a better dad and husband.

This venue will help me help you. I am open to all avenues of helping families dealing with Autism. I advocate for those without resources, those that are hurting, and those in need of a moment of peace. I pray a daily prayer. Lord, Fireproof my Marriage. Bulletproof my Business, and Devil Proof my life. Be with every family that is dealing with an individual on the Autism Spectrum. If it be thy will help us find solutions and peace today. Amen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Let me know how I can help you.