The Feingold Diet for ADHD & Autism: you have the what?

This presentation will cover the following points:

  • Why is my child having so many problems?
  • There are many ways to help, but since you have to eat anyway, a change in food is the second easiest choice.
  • What is the Feingold Diet and what symptoms are likely to respond?
  • Be nice to yourself as you begin the program; it's okay to test the waters with baby steps.
  • Combining the Feingold Diet with other diets and therapies.
  • You have an army of experts to help you, but the most essential expert is you!



Jane Hersey

Jane Hersey is the National Director of the Feingold Association of the United States.She has worked with the non-profit organization since her family experienced tremendous benefit from the Feingold Diet in the 1970's. Hersey is the editor of the Association's newsletter Pure Facts and the author of two books:  Why Can't My Child Behave? and Healthier Food for Busy People. She has lectured at hospitals, medical groups, educational associations and other organizations, given interviews to many newspapers and magazines, and appeared on local and national radio and TV shows. Hersey was a guest lecturer at George Mason University and the Northern Virginia Community College. She has testified before the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Congress.