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Gardening and Autism

Gardening and Autism


While at Autism One I have met many who are interested in starting a garden for their loved ones. In addition to providing healthy food, a better environment, relaxation, education, esteem building and even wonderful sensory experiences for those with autism, gardens can also be a source of stress relief and "escape" for care-givers. There is in fact a whole field of horticulture that uses gardening as a therapy modality.

So lets share experiences, resources and knowledge about gardening!


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The pumpkins are in! 10/10

After returning from A1 last May I had my son plant some pumpkin seed in the cleared woods that get sun. Well the harvest finally came in! We got 4 BIG ones! However the groundhog seemed to enjoy the majority of one so we really got 3. Caleb and I went back and cut them and cleaned them off. I tried hard to make a connection with his planting and harvesting. I'm not sure he got that. Even though he hates PECS maybe a pecs storyboard would have been a somewhat better reinforcer of that sequence.


Just a quick welcome to Dr. O and Nicci!

please feel free to share your experiences.

I post my garden pics on twitter

so if you are interested

most of what is there are new tomato lines I have been developing

update 9/10

It has been a tough summer. Lots of rain and cool weather led to lots of disease in the garden. Unless it involved picking or driving stakes my son had little interest. he did help with a few tasks.