update 9/10

It has been a tough summer. Lots of rain and cool weather led to lots of disease in the garden. Unless it involved picking or driving stakes my son had little interest. he did help with a few tasks.

We have had a tough summer of family problems. Caleb's grandparents helped out with his care but several accidents caused his grandparents to be unable to help. His grandmother had to be put in the hospital and is looking at rather long term rehab. Since mom has the insurance and has started back to school for another MS degree, I have had to drop things and be there to meet him, be sure he gets to therapies, diet etc etc.

The good news is he has just been approved for the autism waiver after being on the wait list for years. Now we wont have to struggle for therapies and can afford respite and even a PCA provided we find someone to do so.

Hopefully things will get back to "normal".

Oh, and the garden. #&#% animals are eating everything I plant. If I get more time I can do something about them (yes I am a Farmer MacGregor sympathizer). But other than planting heirloom garlic for next year this fall I am not sure Caleb and I will be able to do much. My work should slow after October, then I should have time to write articles about horticultural therapy and how that might apply to autism.