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From Matt Holmquist, president, Keep Me Safe IDs, LLC

It is with great excitement I'm writing to you today to introduce you to a brand new special needs safety product that my wife and I have created. They are the Keep Me Safe IDs .

The heart behind our company is our son with Autism. We wanted to do all we could to try to keep him safe and give him a voice when he needed one most. Due to his bolting we found our family not doing things outside the home because of the fear we had of him bolting once again. Something had to change and we needed to find some peace of mind. The idea for the personal QR Code came to me late one night and from there we began our journey of helping the Autism community find one more way to ensure safety. My wife began designing the bracelet and we found a team to create the web site for us. Here is how it works...

Each QR Code bracelet has a unique QR code for reaching a personal, secure KeepMeSafeID profile. You have the option of including a phone number of parent or guardian, as well as indicating that it is a Medical ID. Via smartphone the child's SafeID Profile page is revealed with information of your choosing. Best of all, KeepMeSafeID QR Code Bracelets leverage QR Code technology enabling you to:
• Retain privacy from casual onlookers
• Include more info than any medical ID tag
• Reveal as much or as little info as you see fit
• Provide multiple contact info for retrieving child ASAP
• Provide vital medical info such as allergies
• Provide information to calm frightened child such as a song, story or favorite snack
• Allow you to revise information easily and repeatedly
• Allow helpful adults with a smartphone to return your child
• Feel safer knowing you are doing everything you can do to protect your loved one
• Gain peace of mind

In addition to the QR Code bracelet my wife designed a sleeve to go around the bracelet which serves two purposes. First of all, it covers the closure on the bracelet so it can't be easily removed. At the same time, it alleviates the irritation of traditional medical IDs because of the soft, fuzzy fabric it is made from. Our son now wants to wear his bracelet and he finds comfort in having it on his wrist. We were so happy we wanted other families to be able to use this to help keep their children safe, so that is why we began the Keep Me Safe IDs company. We envision these safety devices giving first responders helpful information to help keep the individual with Autism safe when an emergency arises. We also envision giving families back some peace of mind knowing they are helping their child have a voice when we can't be by their side. At the same time the person who finds them gains pertinent information to help the individual calm.

Our hearts' desire is to give some comfort and peace of mind back to the multitude of families living day in and day out with the effects of Autism. We also want the individuals living with Autism to be empowered with information that can help keep them safe and calm when urgent situations arise.

Please visit us at .

THANK YOU for all you do! We know first-hand how difficult it can be and that Autism not only affects the individual, but the family as well. Keep up the good work!

Matt Holmquist
Keep Me Safe IDs, LLC