Knowing When To Let Go(:

One of the paradoxes of parenting is that you do your job as a mother or father, knowing your child will eventually leave you.

As parents we give our children two great gifts, one is roots and the other is wings. I’m forever struggling to find balance between offering support and stepping back to let my son learn from his own experiences and from his own mistakes. I need to trust in him and find the faith that the seeds I have planted have taken root, therefore, he can prepare for take off, spread his wings, and fly safely on his own.
From the day I gave birth, letting go has been an on going process. One main focus as Jordan’s mother and main caregiver, was to assist with education and guide him with living life on life’s terms; always striving to give to him a 110% everyday, like it or not. I wanted to help him become the very best person he was capable of, helping him attain as much as humanly possible.
We as parents are supposed to love and nurture our children and then when it comes time for them to leave the nest; we need to let them go. When my son was a toddler, I didn’t have any idea how Jordan's life would unfold, I really didn’t think too much about it, only the tasks at hand. What I did know was, I was responsible for this lovely child, that I prayed for, and that God FULLY trusted me with his care. I was not going to look at this child as the little engine that couldn’t, that word wasn’t even in my vocabulary; Jordan could and he did.
Fast forward fifteen years, my son is healthy and recovered. “Thank God.” It took long hours of hard work, but the investment of time paid off. It took a village, many hands were involved and many angels have earned beautiful sets of wings. I am forever grateful to each and everyone who have touched our lives.
I read recently that I must recognize who my child has become. Today, Jordan's in high-school, and he's driving and dating. It is a whole new world now, and my husband and I have helped him become the person he is today. This is what parenting is all about. It is important however, to remember to celebrate Jordan’s wings, and not feel forsaken that I am no longer the number one person in his life. This is what I have waited for, this is what I have dreamed of, and now the moment has arrived. ...........I'm CRYING(:
My husband and I are very proud of his progress, Jordan was the first child to go through our school district successfully. With the exception of special ed. pre-school, he was in a normal regular classroom, he did have an IEP, a document a child with autism shouldn't go without. From this experience, you can see how excited we are to be investigating colleges and preparing our child for his adult life. I think it is time to hang up my writing and blaze the college trail, spending what time is left with my child, before he leaves home for good. We couldn’t be prouder, he has turned out to be a kind, intelligent and decent young man.
A Navajo proverb states: "We raise our children to leave us." This is the supreme moment of parenting. I’m trying to keep this thought in mind; I’m not losing a child, but gaining an adult!

I need to buckle up my seat belt once again, and enjoy this ride.
Ready, set, here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………
As Jordan would say: Peace out....