A lesson in Autism

Now that my soon to be five year old son with ASD is approaching his birthday, we have been practicing what that is, what a party will look like and some of the related issues of time. A very anxiety filled event for him, birthdays are scary. Teaching a child about the passage of time is hard enough, throw autism into the mix and you just never know what you'll get. Thru our journey into understanding all this, he's found a new favorite question: "How old are you?" Most four/five year olds repond ok to this - it is something most typical kids ask other kids. Adults, however, are a different story. Being proud and rewarding my son for trying to understand time, age and how it all works has a downside. This would be that he asks everyone, everywhere how old they are. Do adults understand what an accomplishment this is for him? Not on your life. Almost all are offended. I've heard so many negative come backs from them, I just can't believe it. How can someone say these things to a child?! Why would anyone look at an innocent, happy, smiling child asking a benign question and say, "None of your d*** business!" Really??? This is the story of our life. We work so hard to get this child to have some understanding of this world, to try to connect to it, to become curious about it only to have people undermine things with so little regard. Please remember - little steps are huge for some, impossible for others and always worth celebrating. If you can't think of anything nice to say when my son asks you how old you are in the middle of the grocery store, please just smile and say, "Old."

And educating an autistic

And educating an autistic child requires many resources including money and manpower. One of the major challenges is the development of an appropriate lesson plan.
Because there's no known cause for autism, it's very difficult to decide precisely how to create an autism lesson plan. Autistic children respond in profoundly different ways than normal children.

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"Older than the hills, you little whipper-snapper!"

I have years of cringing moments on you because my daughter is 12. I will post my latest blog which speaks to this.
Although I try to teach my daughter to edit what comes out of her mouth, she forgets. Now, long after she has said some of the things that have made me go gray, I laugh. It really is pretty funny, don't you think? The over-reacting to a child who has been on this planet for only 5 years?
My daughter likes to ask, "How much money do you make?" "Did you do the thing you have to do to have babies?" (to a man in the grocery store) "Why do you have a pony-tail? You look like a girl."
And on and on they go...
You HAVE to laugh. It's their problem. You have enough to worry about in making this world a lovely place for your child.
You can tell people that your child has a neurological disorder but the fact of the matter is this.
When your child announces in a public place, (loud enough to deserve a podium) that 'BOYS HAVE PENISES AND GIRLS HAVE VAGINAS!" Well, you'll just have to choose between laughing and crying.
I say, LAUGH!

I say Laugh...

How about standing in line at the grocery store, I think Jordan was five years old at the time he asks a man of color, "Why are you brown?" I wanted to run and hide......

Jordan in his younger years would ask people why they are fat...OMG

The latest funny story, Jordan was really mad at his Dad,
Jordan say's: "Dad, you'd better wake up with one eye open! .............LOL
You mean Dad better go to sleep with one eye open...

Keep plugging away it gets better(: