My 20 year old daughter is thriving in adult foster care for several reasons

It continues to amaze me how I prayed and meditated for the perfect place for my 20 year old to move to over 2 years ago. I went through many cycles myself to realize how things needed to fall into place..DIVINE ORDER!!! was definately a place to thank. A phenomonal book that helped me AMAZINGLY IS/WAS : "THE DYNAMIC LAW OF PROSPERITY" oh, yes, first book to recommend on the site that is not specifically about autism.... Oh, but how it helped me put everything in order for my whole life which is so much Tanya's life. If there is one book that I believe can help everyone it is this one.IT HAS LED ME TO THINK ABOUT THE POSITIVE AND THEN WE RECIEVE IT... SO AMAZING SO AMAZING. email me if you wish and I will tell you more. :

Very inspiring story, thank

Very inspiring story, thank you for sharing it with us.