New Beginnings

What a great week we had, last week. I hired 3 new staff, or team Members as we call them, for Noah's in home VB Program. I'm so excited to get them out here and get them trained. One has prior ABA experience, so now we have to get her trained in VB and move her toward that protocol. It's all so exciting. The other two girls have such great enthusiasm and spirit. And their willingness to learn is astounding. It's hard to find that right fit for a program like this. I interviewed about 7 girls and started out just wanting to hire 2. But met a special one who I brought on as our Respite Worker. Because she has to be trained in VB as well, I figured I'd just start her out at the same time as the others. So now we have a total of 4 Team Members.

I have found that when you start an in home Program for your child, whether it be VB or ABA, it is a good idea to hire college students. They want to learn about VB and it is a perfect fit, so we all get something. I always choose students who are majoring in Speech Therapy or Special Ed. I have had a few students in the past who are majoring in Counseling or Psychology. Fortunately, we live near 3 Universities. I posted some flyers of what I was looking for and the response to my ad was overwhelming. I'm very pleased with the results.

Now I can't wait for our BCBA/Consultant to come back out for her next visit, so she can meet our new people. She does an 8 hour training day, updates his programs, etc. Love those days and we look forward to them every time she comes. When he masters new things, we all get so excited! I love Verbal Behavior!

Don't know about you, but I'm ready to take on this brand new week with FULL FORCE! Ready to roll!