Sharing Jordan's Challenging Area's, Goal's, Modification's and Support's

Challenging areas for my child Jordan:
In sharing this IEP information, my hope is to help out mom's andvery educator's.
Regular Education Teachers don't have very much information provided to them on autism,they really need more in-service in this area! I teach teachers how to instruct my child...
Information provided by: Speech teacher Kacey Newman.
1. Higher level language tasks including how and why questions, explaining reasons why and inferring.
2. Rote memory is a skill Jordan excels at, he greatly struggled with recalling sentences that are presented to him verbally.
3. One of Jordan’s biggest struggles during testing is he attempts to memorize each word as it comes, so he misses the entire message. Its hard for him to see and recall the entire picture, or the whole sentence.
4. Summarizing information is a challenge along with hearing information, than to explaining it in his own words.
5. Jordan often may miss some key components of the message and it is a challenge for him to recall the information on his own.
6. During Speech sessions when I have read a statement or a message and he has to recall it, his performance has been from 0% to 50% independently. With a cue, Jordan does show improvements, but even with the message repeated he continues to struggle. I have broken this task down for Jordan where he is able to see the message, I say the message and he writes down the paraphrase first. Jordan has improved independently with this, scoring above 60% accuracy. We are going to continue at this level to aid in Jordan’s understanding of what it means to paraphrase information on your own.
Inferring continues to be a struggle for Jordan. He greatly benefits from cues provided to ensure that even though he cannot find the exact answer in the text, he knows that he can use cues to help him. This is a continued focus for Jordan.
7. Abstract concepts such as solving extended response questions where Jordan has to choose important information and than select a process to solve the problem are difficult for Jordan.
8. Struggles with key information
9. Reading comprehension, Jordan does better with literal concepts, answers that can be found within the text. (Concrete) are much easier than inferring or reasoning to find the answer
10. Written Language has also been a struggle with organizing thoughts into specific paragraphs that maintain focus throughout.
11. Continued areas should be a focus:
Paraphrasing, recalling information, and putting it into his own word’s summarizing, higher level language questions, vocabulary.
12. He receives modifications in Spanish, preferential seating, accommodated tests and quizzes, and tests are read to him. He works well with a partner that is emphatic.
13. Science, He does not participate well in class, participation is spontaneous and inconsistent. He is able to complete the classroom objectives with the help of an aide. He requires cueing and leading questions to make his inferences. He has become frustrated in class but has been able to work though episodes with assistance. We accept late work, extended time for tests and Quizzes. His work is sufficient given his disability
12. Jordan struggles with fine motor skills.


Objective: Jordan will ask appropriate questions to obtain needed information, obtain clarification of directions, and aid in decision making.
Objective: Jordan will compose verbal sentences to summarize information to a listener regarding an event, story, or other information.
Objective: Jordan will paraphrase a direction, message, statement, etc. after it is provided auditorily.
Objective: Jordan will show understanding of Vocabulary word meaning by verbalizing the meaning in his own words.
Objective: Jordan will identify, understand, and use cues from sentences, short information, stories or events, to help his correctly respond to higher level questions regarding information.
Objective: Jordan will improve in use of strategies to help find cues to retrieve answers for inferring questions or scenarios, and improve in responses to inferring to inferring and interpretations questions.
Objectives: Jordan will improve his responses to why questions though verbalizing more than one reason why when presented with various questions.

Modifications and supports:

1. Extended Time. (all areas)
2. Modified Exam format (all areas)
3. Tests administered individually or in small groups ( all areas)
Instruction Curriculum
1. Adjusting pace of material (all areas)
2. Note taking Assignments (all areas)
3. Reduced complexity of material (all areas)
4. Shortened assignments. (all areas)
5. Simplification or repetition of instructions (all areas)
6. Visual Aids, graphic organizers, pictures, sending a copy of a project home for an example, etc. (all areas)
1. Seated in area free from distraction.
Study Skills/ Organization
1. Assignment notebook (all areas)
2. Posted Assignments (all areas)
3 Written assignments given to student. (all areas)
4. An extra set of books for home, also checking to see if he has correct information in his assignment notebook.
5. Frequent updates emails to parents

Thank you Rhonda

I needed this.. I have been reading your blog and it's very much appearing to me that your son and my son are one and the same kid.. lol..
I just formally requested that Alex's school evaluate him for an IEP. We've never done this before. So what you shared about Jordan's challenging areas, goals, modifications, etc. will be very helpful to us/me.
I've been asked a few times, in a rather intimidating manner, just what I expected for the school to do for my son. Yeah, I did feel a bit intimidated..thus, I forgot most of what I've learned over the last few years (on both occasions I didn't have my notes with me..argggg).
I don't know much about how this site works yet, whether you can access my e-mail addy or not, etc.
Btw, I was also at the Autism One conference in Chicago, on Sat., but I was only there to finally officially meet one of the doctors that I had been corresponding with for a while before that..(there was no way that I could have ever covered the fee to actually attend the conference..oh well..). LOL And I never want to have to drive in rush hour traffic in Chicago, ever again.