Is Stem Cell Therapy for Autism a Good Choice for Your Child Today?

Interest in Stem Cell Therapy for children with ASD and other forms of  neurological impairment is growing rapidly as the science advances. Several recent studies have proved that this therapy appears to be safe and patients in these studies tend to show wide scale improvement in a number of important parameters.

This presentation will review the biology, efficacy, risks, regulations and results of a variety of stem cell therapies. The author will state what he believes is the optimal therapy for this spectrum of disorders through case studies and a detailed discussion of clinical results based on his practical experience.



Dr. Lobe is recognized internationally in his field and has been honored
with lifetime achievement awards on three continents. Dr. Lobe has over 250
peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, and books to his credit. He continues to
lecture and teach around the world and has completed his advanced
fellowship, receiving his boards in anti-aging, regenerative and functional

There are few physicians that hold up to Dr. Lobe’s extensive training and
expertise. His broad range of experiences and depth of knowledge within the
medical field uniquely position his practice. Dr. Lobe’s patients
appreciate his genius for quickly and efficiently unraveling complex
healthcare issues and making dramatic improvements to their quality of
life. While some patients swear Dr. Lobe is a magician, he attributes his
success to good old-fashioned medical intuition, experience, and common