Title: Are You Tuning into Messages That Reveal Gifts or Interests

This blog is #2 out of the series on identifying and using strengths, interests, and talents more fully.

These questions are especially designed for Young Adults Who Can Work Independently. The information I offer can lead you through an exploratory process to identify and use your strengths and talents. I hope you will look at this process as fun and enjoyable. Please get a notebook and mark it, Exploring My Strengths and Talents.

You are going to draw upon your memory and note from your past experiences any insights that may be clues to identifying your strengths. The purpose of this exercise is to explore ideas that may reveal your strengths. Remember, that which draws your attention, positively makes you unique and distinctive.

Let items 1 – 6 guide you. Don’t worry if each question does not reveal an insight. It is OK. If must ask the questions to uncover something that is especially interesting to you.

1. Can you recall a story you read or heard, or a movie that spoke to you or inspired you? Did the experience leave you feeling that you would like to do something that can help someone else? Benefit your community? If so, explain.

2. Is there a place such as, park where you once fished, or a place (the Grand Canyon) that when someone mentions it, may stir your interest? What is that place? What is draws your attention?

3. Have you noticed a hobby or an activity that someone else is doing or that person has talked about that attracts your interest with a bit of energy and excitement?

4. Do you have new ideas or interests that makes you want to stop, think, and imagine how to develop them in your own life?

5. What has been your reaction to positive events in your life?

6. Do you recall people from your life today or past, such as a coach, teacher, or neighbor who had characteristics or personalities that brought out the best in you? In other words, these individuals sent positive and hopeful messages to you. Note any persons who made you feel special and gifted.

Think about these questions and write freely any impressions that come to your mind.

Stay tuned to the Capability Approach.

The next blog will address Activities for Young Adults Who Might Need More Assistance to Explore.

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