Waiting For Wyatt: A Journey Through Autism to Empowerment

Autism Mom, author and advocate Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson tells the story of her journey in parenting a child with autism and how it led to her "true calling" as an advocate and activist for other families. The executive director of ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today) believes "your disability is your opportunity" and that life's greatest challenges are "expeditions of the soul" which lead us to become the self-actualized beings we are meant to be.

Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson

Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson is a former high-powered television-producer-turned-author and activist on the subject of fearless aging and autism awareness. She is an Emmy-Award winning television producer and executive who pioneered the magazine-program format with Westinghouse PM Magazine. She has been honored with the United Press International Award, the Associated Press Award, the Gabriel Award, the Genesis Award, as well as having been named one of the Hollywood Reporters “Women to Watch.”