Beginning Recovery of Epilepsy

Learn how Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, Certified Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Speaker, recovered her daughter from severe Epilepsy and experienced her own recovery from weight issues, asthma and allergies. Topics include, the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute protocol for Nutrition Deficit Disorder, clean eating for the entire family, ph balancing, chelation, supplementation, chiropractic care and non-toxic home and body care.

Catherine Whitcher, Masters in Special Education

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, CLC is passionate about advocating for special needs families. For the past 15+ years, Ms. Whitcher has been creating FAPE compliant IEP’s, navigating program and placement alternatives for families, and creating effective 504s with parents and school districts. Ms. Whitcher achieves on average, $250,000 a year in additional educational and therapeutic services for the special needs community.

Weekend Autism Global News in Review - 12/12/09

Rob, Deb and Michael Sidell perform a rousing song and an interesting review of articles about Chelation, Insect Repellant and Hypospadias, ASD and Schizophrenia, Thimerisol, Face Recognition, off label drugs prescribed to kids, Ritalin, the rise of Food Allergies in children and the contaminated kids of southwestern Indiana.


Hi everyone, my name is Tara and I started a group on Facebook, called vaccine injury in military families. I am aiming at creating a petition of anyone that would be willing to contribute their story and signature to the petition- in hopes of finding someone in congress, who would ask for an investigation in to the over use of vaccines and the vaccine schedule, and for looking for delayed reactions as well as addressing the options of non vaccination.

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Weekend Autism Global News in Review - 10/31/09

Rob, Deb, and Michael Sidell start this Halloween Show with a special greeting. Rob goes on to review several articles on such topics as genetics, a new facial expression recognizer to detect emotions, swine flu, freezing women's eggs, the new NIH Chairman Dr. F. Collins, chelation therapy and doctors "firing" families who refuse to vaccinate.

Parent Survival Guide to Biomedical ...

A Parent's Survival Guide to Biomedical Therapy in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Part 2 Recognizing Medical Disease in Your Child

Weekly Global Autism News in Review - 20min. - 10-20-2010

Rob Sidell produces a show reviewing articles about new breakthroughs using MRI to diagnose ASD, the FDA's warning about over the counter chelation products, big pharma promoting off-label use of its products, the prevalence of long term mental disorders in US teens, how we can support a more satisfying life and the value of playing shoot 'em up action video games inenhancing decision making and processing sensory information.

Surviving Biomedical Therapies without Breaking the Bank

Juggling diets, supplements, IV treatments, educational therapies and the rest of life is taxing under the best of circumstances and particularly difficult on a budget. Dr. Brown will provide tips and approaches for choosing which battles to fight and which can be postponed, as well as tips for recognizing which will require experienced assistance. He will also take a look at those biomedical interventions that can be started before you meet with a practitioner and how to make the most of your therapy dollar.

Gregory L. Brown, MD, MD

Gregory L. Brown MD is a Board Certified Internist with 18 years experience in Emergency Medicine. He has received Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner training from “Defeat Autism Now” as well as ACAM instruction and certification in chelation therapy and certification in hyperbaric medicine from UHMS. He currently serves as Medical Director of the ARCH Medical Center in Franklin, Wisconsin, a practice dedicated to the medical treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.

2008-09-22 11:00:00 Curt Linderman


My son Peter has been receiving IV chelation for the past year. (DMPS and EDTA). His last live cell showed a lot of oxidative stress in his cells. Our DAN Doctor suggested that we stop the IV form and try OSR which is taken orally, and is considered to be a lot safer and with better results. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and what results they've had.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.