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afasula wrote:
14 years 7 weeks ago

I have a deep love and passion for working with children & adolescents with Autism. Over the last 11 years, I have spent countless hours dedicating myself to several children and their families. After working in a variety of settings, I noticed a common trend between conventional therapeutic modalities that I found problematic. Most programs for children with autism only focused on the child with the diagnosis, ignoring an essential dynamic of the child’s life: their family. I wondered what life might look like for these families if services expanded beyond the child with Autism to include support for parents, siblings and others who played important roles in the child’s life. I made it my goal to create a program for children with Autism that would embrace the entire family system in the therapeutic process. Earlier this year, that goal came to fruition with the opening of S.M.I.L.E. Autism Services, LLC a small private practice, serving children with Autism near Denver & Boulder, CO.

However, the instant and incredibly high demand for services from S.M.I.L.E. made me realize that my small business could only help a tiny percentage of the families in Colorado who desperately need assistance. According to the Center for Disease Control, a new case of autism is diagnosed every 20 minutes. Currently 1 in 110 individuals are diagnosed and this number is continuing to rise. Colorado currently ranks 48th in the nation in funding and treatment for Autism and right now there are close 1000 children on various wavier waiting lists, hoping for services (Children’s HCBS Waiver Interim Committee Report to Legislative Council – November 2009).

Considering these facts has made me dream big. Clearly changes need to be made nationwide, but ESPECIALLY here in Colorado. I asked myself what I could do to provide services to a larger number of the children and families who cannot get help simply because there is not enough services available to meet the demand of the population.

I am happy to say I have an opportunity for us to work together to radically change the landscape of Autism treatment in Colorado!

Recently, I applied for a $250,000 grant through Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Program to open a Cutting-Edge, Comprehensive Family-Based Autism Therapy Clinic and it is now one of the finalists being considered. Beginning April 1 and ending April 30, the general public will be able to vote for the proposal they like the best, with a winner to be announced May 1, 2010. It is my hope that we will not only impact the state of Colorado, but that the idea of a family systems approach to Autism here will be the starting point to changing Autism services throughout the country!

All you have to do is log on and vote! You can vote once EVERY DAY!

Today I am asking you to join with me in dramatically changing the lives of many children and families. Every Day, Every Person & Every Vote Counts!!

1.Please go to:

2.Click on: Join Refresh Everything

3. Enter in your information- this will only take a minute

4.VOTE!!! You can go directly to my page and idea at:

5. Pass on my idea and information to your friends & family



Thank you so much for your help, care and support.


Andrea Fasula, MA
Certified Autism Specialist

~Supporting, Mentoring, Including, Loving & Educating Children with Autism & Their Families~

wtp wrote:
14 years 17 weeks ago

Let me extend to you my personal welcome to our AutismOne Social Network. AutismOne is now the “one-stop-shopping center” for information about autism. We have the annual conference in Chicago, AutismOne radio, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and now the AutismOne Social Network (and more to come).
I notice that you’ve not made any entries into your profile. Remember, this is a social network. Part of the function of a social network is to meet and interact with others who have common interests. Of course autism is a common interest. But there is more than that. Individuals like to know about a person before becoming a “friend.” That’s where the profile comes in. So whenever you can find the time, please fill in some of the entries of your profile. To do that just click on “My User Menu” next to the Welcome area on the right. From the resulting menu click on “Edit My Profile” and you will be in business.
Helping you interact with others is one of the many things we can do for you. Now here’s something you can do for us. Log in on a regular basis and read the blogs and articles then write a blog yourself. It can be on any subject of interest to you, preferably with some relevance to autism but not necessarily. It can be short or long, whatever it takes for you to express your thoughts. If you have a question then ask it in a blog--people read then they respond. If you see something with which you agree or disagree then please add a comment with your thoughts. This is an open community designed to help and support. We like to hear all sides.
I am looking forward to reading your opinions in future blogs and/or articles.
With my best regards
Will Price, CFO

Rhonda Brunett (not verified) wrote:
14 years 17 weeks ago

Dear Matthew,
I wanted to welcome you to the Autism One.
By becoming an active participant you can support and inspire others. Your sharing experience can lift other parents to help them move forward on this path. Autism can be challenging and puzzling. You can make a difference; together we can effectively resolve issues in a collaborative manner by addressing questions and providing feedback.
My son Jordan has made remarkable progress so please don’t ever give up hope!
Feel free to share your thoughts, stories and wisdom for we are all in this together.
To quote, Brandi Snyder: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
Should you need any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Rhonda Brunett
Autism One International Inc. Chicago Liaison

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I was so glad to find AutismOne! I heard about the conference while we were on the East Coast last year; we were not able to make it to Chicago, but hope to this Year!
I'm glad that organizations like AutismOne exists--they provide a Resource and one-stop-shop (so to speak) for Parents and Educators to connect with one another to find out what is working for others.

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Networking/Friendships..would love to connect with other Parents and Educators to talk about Autism Awareness and treatments. Having gone through so much in the last 3 years with our son, we are constantly learning; however have a wealth of knowledge we want to share as well! No one truly knows what it is like to have an Autistic Child unless you have one.
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I work for Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc the maker of VizZle Software for Autism. Where Our Mission is: "To empower educators, clinicians, and parents to effectively engage, communicate with, and educate individuals with Autism or other communication disorders." I Love what I do as I get to Advocate for Autism Awareness every day!
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build lessons from scratch are available for stories, games, matching boards and more.
VizZle™ is appropriate for any age, IEP goal, state standard or ability level. Easy sharing
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My wife and I also have our own website that provides FREE Visual Aids and Resources for Autism!

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Faith is my Foundation.
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To Spread Autism Awareness as far as we Can and as Loudly as We Can! To Provide Any Assistance to Parents whose children have just been diagnosed or those just looking for someone who's been there.
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I'm always open to what's going on with Advocacy--Laws, etc.
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Ear to listen to others--eyes too if done online :)
We've been through a lot with Jeremiah having gone from Non-Verbal to Now Testing at Grade Level Academically. We have Free Resources via our Website and I really believe in the VizZle Software developed by Monarch Teaching Technologies.
I'd be glad to help anyway I can....Listening to Others, Speaking to Others.

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