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I recently had the opportunity to observe two parents responding to their child's need for external structure and support in a way that many of my colleagues would label as "feeding in" to the child's behavior.
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Steven Kossor
Southeastern Pennsylvania
About Me
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Professional psychologist
Wagontown, PA
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Masters degree
Fairleigh Dickinson U, NJ
Licensed Psychologist in PA; Certified School Psychologist
A Little About Me: 

I founded and am the executive director of the Institute for Behavior Change, and am the director of the Network for Behavior Change. We provide in-home and in-school mental health and behavioral support for childen in southeastern PA. I am an expert in Medicaid funding and provide consultations to help parents and professionals obtain Medicaid funding for treatment services throughout the USA. My services are available through -- the best value in the behavioral treatment world!

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

With more than thirty years of experience helping children on the autism spectrum achieve greater success in life, and helping their parents to provide them with as much support as possible, it is wonderful to meet so many like-minded people. AutismOne is a wonderful gathering of helpful, thoughtful, compassionate parents, professionals and advocates and I feel privileged to be recognized as one of them.

What I am Here For: 
I would like to "spread the word" about what I have learned over the years about how to deliver excellent treatment, collect outcome data that helps sustain necessary treatment funding, and how to deliver treatment to children that actually works, consistently, to raise their functioning to the highest possible level, as quickly as possible (and accomplish this at the lowest possible cost to parents).
Autism Help / Accomplishments: 

Created the Children's Behavioral Health Center to deliver free evaluations to children in Pennsylvania so that they can obtain the Medicaid benefits that they are entitled to (regardless of family income) and created to distribute information about treatment planning and outcome monitoring to the widest possible audience, for the benefit of children with disabilites, no matter where they live.

My Daily Motivations: 

The Lord has given me a tenacious personality that abhors the words "can't" and "won't." My motto is "Oh, I will, and you can't stop me" and I strive to help others who find themselves in desperate situations to get the support and assistance necessary to triumph despite any obstacles in their path. In fact, there are no obstacles, only hurdles of varying heights. None of them is so great that it cannot be overcome, gotten around, or gone under. Even mountains disintegrate with time.

To tell the truth. To help others. To share fairly. To be grateful, and to help others move forward.
Help Needed: 
I would appreciate any help that might be given to publicize the information that I have made available at at and at
Help to Give: 

You can contact me through any of the websites listed above. If I can help, I will.

Support We Can Offer: 

Tell others that Medicaid is a benefit that exists in all 50 states, that the EPSDT benefit also exists in every state, that the "Rehabilition Option" has been exercised in all 50 states, and that it is possible for every state to provide "Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services" to their disabled children. I can show them how to do it responsibly and successfully, based on 16 years of experience in Pennsylvania.

How Our Company Is Involved With Autism: 

We provide treatment services based on a successful model that I created in 1981 which involves direct supervision of service delivery personnel by license mental health professionals. These professionals supervise Bachelors level mental health professionals who deliver 10, 20, 30 or more hours of direct 1:1 service to children each week in their homes, schools and communities. We take outcome data from parents each week so that we can tailor the program to work, well.

How I Am Involved To Help The Community: 
My insights, ideas and information is available at for free dowload and access 24/7/365. I can support the work of professionals in areas outside PA in an extremely cost-effectiveway through Parents and professionals can download more than 500 "treatment plans that worked" from and have the data that documents the success of the plan, for use to "prove" that a proposal should be funded by an insurance company. We've got 16 years of data, and it's been downloaded in more than 105 countries, with the top Google Search for the past two years for "treatment plans for children."
Speaking about, supervising and delivering treatment services to children, diagnosing disabilities related to cognitive and behavioral symptoms, and advocating for the responsible use of Medicaid to fund necessary treatment for children with disabilities.
Fly fishing, recording and mixing music for Image Games.
Books / Magazines: 
I have at least three books open at any given time, reading whenever I can....
No one quote can stand by itself as a guide, and listing all of the quotes that have been meaningful to me over the years would take too much space. I do like the concept of "none of us is as smart as all of us."
YES was the inspiration for Image Games - guided fantasy journeys set to music - that I have been creating since the '70s to lead listeners on entertaining imaginary journeys set to intriguing musical scores. I'd love to work with musicians to create new Image Games. I'm a fan of Wakeman and Vangelis. Visit for examples. Jon Anderson had some really nice things to say about "The Amp" back in the '90s.
TV Shows: 
I don't watch tv much.
I love The Sting. Back to the Future was inspirational and I will never forget watching Mary Poppins in the theater for the first time as a child.
Inspirational Spots: 
I love to sit by rushing water (rivers, falls). The night is much more interesting than the day.
Personal Heroes: 
Kathie Kossor (my wife) has stuck by me for more than 30 years. Her tenacity and honesty and morality are inspirational. George McReynolds was my friend for almost the same amount of time, and I miss him; he never ceased to make me think about things differently. My son, Nick is one of the most dedicated human beings I have ever known (he's a world class Judo expert and has committed himself to the most arduous training regimen imaginable since 1993, hoping to be an Olympian). My daughter Jaclyn is a makeup artist who is beauty and dignity personified. She is a secret waiting to be told, and will amaze those who are there to witness it.