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Investment in our future. Recovery of those dealing with Autism

I just heard the President spinning the bad news about the 95.000 more jobs lost. In his speech he returns to the theme of infrastructure improvement. Roads, Bridges, rail, & Transportation. I applaud the idea that these things need to be improved. I also applaud the fact that some jobs will be created on a more permanent basis.

Political Football. Politics of Power People & Autism

I try to stay away from politics but When the politicians start using the cause of Autism, Special Needs, & Hunger as a political football, All parties better tighten their Fat belly belts because it is about to get UGLY.

A New Voice of Hope. Autism Support.

I sat down to write a very inspirational blog post today, but then I prayed. I realized today is a day like few others. It was a day that innocence and souls were lost. We remember Pray & Dedicate ourselves to the memories of those that died, survived & Were left alone on 9/11. When it comes to 9/11 we have a duty to remember, lift up those who sacrificed, Never forget & Never let it happen again. That is what A key date in your memory is supposed to do. Spur you onto action. Keep you on your toes. Ever Vigilant.

Advocacy in the Community Autism Action NOW!

I have been involved with many service organizations and have been impressed with their missions, dedication & diligence. Sometimes though I have thought what if they could do more. Recently I was involved with a fundraiser for my son that was nothing short of a miracle. I just want to share just a few of the steps that got a community to wake up, come out, support & give new meaning to the saying help your fellow neighbor.

My Soap Box just got Bigger Did yours? Triumph & Tragedy Feeling Autism on a Weekend Ride in Theme Park Earth

I am not sure where to start. This weekend we witnessed both God & The Devil at work. Triumph & Tragedy were both on the agenda. It seems to me that all highs seem to have equal & horrific lows. Some call it balance of nature. Others call it the perpetual fight between the Devil & God. Either way lets start with the good.

Danville Elks Lodge 332 Benefit for Tanner Welsh

Saturday, July 31, 2010 @4:47:34 AM

Danville Elks Lodge 332 Benefit for Tanner

August 21 · 11:00am - 11:30pm

Location 421 N Vermilion St Danville IL

More Info Old Fashion Fish Fry & Party to benefit Tanner Welsh who
is dealing with Autism. Proceeds will go to help with therapy,
Elopement prevention ( Running) and Equipment. If you can not
attend please send a donation to

Tanner Welsh Benefit fund
Danville Elks Lodge 332
421 N Vermilion Danville IL 61832!/event.php?eid=136349613071760

The World Changes in September Book Review: The Age of Autism Mercury, Medicine,and A Manmade Epidemic

Book Review The Age of Autism Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic

My name is Tim Welsh I have been an advocate for change in the Autism community for about six years I usually post as TannersDad. I have lived breathed smelled touched felt seen heard and spoken about the Autism crisis for about 8 years. I blog, tweet, speak & fight for rights, action, attention, support, Services, & Answers. I have seen advancement on all fronts except one. The Last one Answers. Until Now.

Respite Idea for Service Clubs

I have a growing concern about the families who are dealing with Autism. There are many families on and off the grid that can not afford any respite time at all for the Parents & Caregivers. I am asking that every Service & Religious Organization sponsor one couple every month for a Movie & Meal for Rest & Relaxation. ( Hash Tag on twitter #MM4RR ) The continuing drain of resources tend to leave the parents & Caregivers in last place. Many have never been out as a couple in years. This one simple act of compassion will let them know we are aware, Care, support, & give needed respite.

What goes up, Must come down or Does it? Autism Advocacy

We just finished an amazing week of Unity within the Autism Community. Organizations from around the world were united in a quest for finding answers, standing up for our freedoms, sharing ideas, growing in spirit, remembering loved ones, looking to a bright future of Hope. The AutismOne Conference this year will go down in history because of the noise we made. The Tree fell in the forest and nobody in the media wanted to listen... But I am telling you Noise was made.

World Autism Awareness Day Radio show it's on with Zack

The show returns for a second season. Deborah and Zack bring on Tim Welsh (Tanner's Dad) as the Guest Host for this episode to discuss Insurance Reform, Wakefield Controversy, the CDC Controversy, & More!

Length: 4/2/2010 1:00 PM - 45 min