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Vaccines the Law and You

Your child may not need that booster shot and the law is on your side.

I have a beautiful four and a half year old boy with autism. In our case he showed signs since birth, but was not diagnosed until after the age of two, after his initial MMR vaccine. After so much angst, expense, tears and most of all, effort we were making progress towards healing him. Our son Emerson, "Little Em" was finally starting to say words and look us in the eyes, then came time for his MMR booster shot. We were sick to our stomachs wondering if this booster would cause regression and thwart all our efforts.

The H1N1 Flu and Proposed Vaccination Programs

We’ve all read about the potential pandemic outbreak of H1N1 flu. Then the next thing we read pertains to the crash-program development of an H1N1 vaccine and its world-wide use. The question that faces all parents is what to do: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Here at AutismOne a primary concern regarding vaccinations is safety. Are doses safe? Is any given combination of vaccines safe? What age factors must be considered in vaccine programs? Has each new vaccine pushed by authorities been thoroughly tested to be safe?

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