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ASD Teens

For parents of teenagers with ASD

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Poisoned Childrens Legal Fund

To establish an endowment of dedicated funds from Investors, Foundations and High Net Worth Individuals legal needs of vaccine poisoned children

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Autism n Heavy Metal Poisoning

Autism, a form of heavy metal poisoning

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I'm not affected but I certainly am

Siblings: questions, comments, constructive support, frustrating moments, humorous stories... growing up across the street from Leave it to Beaver

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Autism and Aspergers in the family

This forum is for parents and carers of children/Adults with ASD's, diagnosed/undiagnosed. I have children with ASD and I also have Autism.

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Moms who live in Mass with children with Autism

Moms who live in Mass with children with Autism to help each other

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Autism and Aspergers In The Family

This forum is for parents and carers of children/Adults with ASD's, diagnosed/undiagnosed. I have children with ASD and I also have Autism.So we will

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Economic Impact Mercury Ban Boycott for Autism Results

Poison Mercury Boycott #PMB

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Theatre for Autism

Use of theatre and theatre techniques to improve communication, social skills and creativity

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***Aspergirl's circle of on-line friends***

Girls w/ Aspergers, ADHD, PDD, OCD.. or any other social issue can chat to other girls who do, too...

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ASD Advocacy and Forensic Issues

This group provides an opportunity for parents and professionals to discuss advocacy, court and forensic issues.

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need help ( autisme

we do not know how to deal with autism

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Wines for Autism will give one third of its gross profits from all of its sales to its autism charity partners.

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Autism Advocates Tweets, Tips, Testimony, & Toolbox

The place to come for What, Why, Who, Where, & When about Social New Media Advocacy

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Umbilicord Stem Cell Treatment and Research

Learn more about Umbilicord Stem Cell Treatment to improve quality of life for Autistic people in your lives

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Beyond Natural Cures Autism Group

Dr. Aurore's group for sharing ideas on healing autism naturally based on her book "Beyond Natural Cures"

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Parents of kids in group homes

support and encouragement for parents whose children are living in a residential setting.

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Severe Autism

For families living with autism, life can be stressful and isolating, but when our child has severe autism, it's 10 times worse

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relationship based therpaies

A forum for anybody currently running or interested in running a relationship based approach

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Gardening and Autism

Gardening forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and personal experiences living or working with those effected by autism.

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First Responders Community

A group for the first reponders who deal with persons with ASD in the greater community to share tips/advice

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El Grupo del autismo en español

Es un grupo donde todos hablan del autismo en español.

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AutismOne Mentors Resource

A place for AutismOne Mentors to communicate with one another.

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Adults with Autism

A place for Adults with Autism and their family to interact, share information and support one another.

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Art for Autism

Dedicated to exploring the benefits of art therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders

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Volunteers and Internships

Your time makes a real difference in the lives of real families!

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Yoga for Autism

For those interested in how Yoga can help with stress relief, anxiety and a general sense of well-being.

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Military Families

Military families looking for information about EFMP, TRICARE, ECHO, PCSing and support from other families.

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Chiropractic and Autism

An Informative and support group for those utilizing Chiropractic care as a tool in recovering those on the Autism Spectrum, children through adults.

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GFCF products and much more that will change everything!

The family will once again be able to sit down and break bread together no more making two meals.

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