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Applied Behavior Analysis

I am working with the Inland Regional Center to get ABA services and have attended the classes necessary for parents before being approved for services. I have the general idea of how ABA works- repetitious requests, praising the children when they make an effort etc. I am concerned that since I am not the primary care giver since I have to work, I will not be able to reinforce what the ABA Therapists teach him.


My son was diagnosed with autism in January 2009 and turned 3 in October 2009. He generally cannot feed himself except for finger foods/snacks that he likes such as Lays potato chips. He also does not like to chew so we have to blend most of his food and spoon feed him. Once in March of this year, I worked with him for a week to teach him how to hold a spoon and feed himself. It worked! He could feed himself rice and even his GFCF hot cereal (he usually made a big mess with the latter). Then around May, he just stopped and it has been very sporadic since then.